3 Years of Blogging

by - November 23, 2014

I was about to finish a backlog post when I had a quick look at Timehop.  I saw an old tweet about my #Blogiversary.  So, thanks to this very useful app for reminding me that today, November 23rd is my blog's 3rd birthday!  

Woah!  Three years!  Le blog is still up and running.  I feel a sense of fulfillment.  #patmyselfontheback #therethere

When I look back, I could still imagine all of the struggles, the frustrations and not to mention, the i-give-up-i-just-want-to-quit moments.  Now, I totally understand why I felt and thought of those things.  It's because I was comparing what I have and what I have accomplished to others'.  Sometimes, doing that moderately is good.  I think it helps us realize the amount of effort we need to exert in order to reach our goals.  Maybe, it also helps us discern what we have already achieved.  It would only become a dangerous trap once we let it eat us and devour our self-confidence and self-worth.  That's what happened to me back then.  

I've always thought of quitting because I couldn't see what's in front of me.  I couldn't see the progress and potential that I already have.  All I saw was disappointment.  Disappointment that I created myself.  But knowing that this is what my heart tells me to do.  That this is what I enjoy.  It's enough reason for me to continue and keep on writing.

That's the thing about comparing yourself to others.  You often lose and end up devaluing yourself.  Why not just let them inspire you to do better?  Let their achievements motivate you to do the same.  Stop wasting your energy thinking, "I envy them.  They've achieved so much and here I am with nothing."  Remember that they were at the same starting line of the race.  Oh, and it's not even a race at all.  Go at your own pace.  Take it easy and just enjoy the run.  

Do what you love and never stop.

Cheers to 3 years of blogging!  Thanks for your love and support!

Before I end this post, let me just share that when I looked at all the old photos for the collage above, I was like, WTH!  Bad photo quality, annoying poses, terrible makeup and many more.  I'm really sorry for sharing those.  HAHA!  I'll do better and improve.  I promise!

Ooh, by the way, we're at 99th at TopBlogPh.  And we're so close to reaching 1M pageviews!  Whaaaaaat?!

your sweetest drug,

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