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by - November 07, 2014

Happy November!  

I've been trying my best to get back on track for the last two weeks and fortunately, I've managed to do five posts and workout 4/7 .  Thank God!  In the coming weeks, it will be more hectic as I shift to 7pm to 4am work hour.  I'm still not yet sure how will I be able to attend my afternoon calls.  Pft.  Anyway, I survived the last time so hopefully, it will be easier this time around. #fingerscrossed

Blog-life update, I'm very happy because I've maintained my rank (below 120).  Truth is, it's not that important to me but that's a sign of you know, good progress.  HIHI!  I've also reached 700,000++ page views this week!  Yay!  Do you think I can reach 1M?  #challengeaccepted

Feel free to browse my previous posts.  More product reviews coming up, so stay tuned!  You can also find me at Instagram (@chixylove) and Dayre (  

Have an awesome weekend!  Movie day tomorrow!

your sweetest drug,

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