Skin Care 101 - Yves Roche Sebo Specific Ultra Mat Day Moisturizer

by - November 23, 2014

Most people with oily skin tend to have a hard time finding a perfect moisturizer that will keep their face hydrated and at the same time, control sebum production.  They also think that moisturizers will just boost the greasiness, so they would rather choose to skip this very important step.  However, as ironic as it sounds, oily skin needs moisturizer just as much as normal skin type does.

To help you in your search, let me share this product by Yves Roche (a newbie brand here on le blog).

It's called Ultra Mat Anti-Shine Moisturizer from the line Sebo Specific, which also offers mattifying toner and night cream.

A quick background first about the brand.  Yves Rocher originated from France and they focus on Botanical Beauty, which means that their innovative products are made from various types of plants.  They use natural key ingredients to create cosmetics that are very safe for everyone and for the environment.

For Sebo Specific, they used Scutellaria extract.  Yves Rocher researchers have discovered that the flavonoids derived from this plant have an extraordinary power of regulating skin shine and excess sebum.

Here are the other ingredients.

This little jar contains 50 ml of product and I bought it at 397.50 php from 795 php.  It's at 50% off!  Yea!  #somuchwin

It's a green emulsion gel and basically works as an anti-shine day moisturizer, but I also use it at night.

What I like about it:
  • very pleasant and fresh scent
  • simple but good packaging
  • very lightweight, doesn't feel creamy
  • has a watery consistency
  • super smooth on skin
  • moisturizes very well
  • easily absorbed 
  • very soothing
  • oil-free
  • contains salicylic acid 
  • feels very comfortable even under hot weather
  • no irritation or breakout
  • doesn't feel sticky
  • preps the skin for makeup

  • contains alcohol

I think it's definitely an effective moisturizer.  My skin loves it and I've noticed a little improvement.  When I apply it at night, I don't wake up with so much oil and grease.  And when I wash my face, I could feel that there's still moisture.  You know the feeling when you put on lotion and you wash it with water afterwards?  It's amazing!

In terms of oil-control, it keeps the shine at bay for another hour or two.  So if normally, my T-zone starts to get oily after 4 hours, using this moisturizer will add 1 more hour.  Sometimes 2 if the weather/temperature is nice.  So I'd get to enjoy a shine-free face for 5 to 6 hours.  Not totally shine-free but at least, not super greasy.

It will not make the skin ultra matte but it's enough for me to know that it's very hydrating and it's taking care of the excess sebum.

I might even repurchase!  That's how much I love this moisturizer.  I also wanna try other products by Yves Rocher because I find most of them interesting.  Did I mention that they also have makeup?  

You can visit their branch at Trinoma, near MAC Cosmetics and The Body Shop.

What do you think?

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