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My first Cyma experience was last October, when me and my college friends had a quick get-together.  I was blown away by their grilled pork chop.  I wanted more and I really wanted Kris to try it too.  Now, I can't wait for my 4th visit!  HAHA!

Trinoma branch is not very spacious.  I think there are only around 10 tables inside but you can also opt to sit outside.  They have an open kitchen as well.  I'm not sure though if that's standard in all branches.

One thing I don't like about the restaurant is the menu.  There's no photo and it seems like a plain list.   Maybe that's normal for Greek restaurants?  I don't know.  This could be a problem especially for first-timers, so I'd recommend checking food blogs if you're not familiar with Greek cuisine.

Ready to see the heavenly dish?

It is called Hirino Brizola, composed of two 3/4 thick and extremely tender pork chops, one side of your choice and a slice of lemon.  We picked potato fries.  Sadly, they're a bit dry and not crispy.  I'd recommend choosing the potato wedges instead of this.

Just one bite and I knew, it's gonna be my favorite pork chop.    Even though it's thick, it's cooked to perfection and very flavorful, not dry.  Kris loved it so much as well.

Price is 550, inclusive of 1 side.  It could be expensive for some, but this particular dish is really worth the "slight" splurge.  As you can see, the size is good for 2.  You can also get another side (180 php each).

We also tried this pasta called Solomos (470 php solo size).  There's salmon, tomato, lime, feta, parmigiano, basil cream sauce and angel hair noodles.  The taste was not our type though.

On our second visit, we picked Spinach Rice and ordered Garlic Noodles as extra.

The rice tasted weird but the cheese was awesome, while the garlic noodles was delicious.  It looked simple, but for us, it was the perfect match for our Hirino!

Okaaaaaaay, I'm dreaming about the pork chops again.  HAHA!

What do you think?

Here's the link to Cyma's website (www.cymarestaurants.com) and Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/cymarestaurant).

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