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by - January 20, 2015

This was supposed to be another Sample Stash post, but I thought it could pass as MUAH, because this 20g sample-size of Tony Moly BCDATION seems to be an actual smaller version of the full-sized product.  Samples are usually in little sachets or plastic containers, so I was very surprised when I saw the "not for sale" label in the box.  I checked it online and then, I was able to confirm that this one's a promotional item only.

Good news is, for those who are interested in trying out BCDATION, but having second thoughts on buying the 50g bottle, you can pre-order the 20g version from our shop, The Chic Closet.

Okay, sorry for the #shamelessplug.  Now, let's take a closer look at this 3-in-1 face makeup.

Shade is Pink Beige.

BCDATION stands for BB Cream, CC Cream and Foundation.  Cool name, huh?  Tony Moly incorporated the best characteristics of the 3 products and made their own multipurpose face makeup.

It comes in a squeeze-tube packaging with a secured cap.  Make sure to press very lightly for better control.  Sometimes, too much product oozes out and that's because the formula is very watery.  Another tip is to hold the tube horizontally, not vertically where the tip is facing down.

It acts as a BB Cream because there are whitening, wrinkle-care and moisturizing properties.  Plus, SPF is pretty good too (at 30) and sun protection is what common BB Creams offer.

It acts as a CC Cream because it evens out skin tone, very lightweight and has brightening effect.

Finally, it acts as a Foundation because of the coverage.

I've used this many many times for photo shoots and special occasions.  You can also check out my latest makeup video if you wanna see it in action.  HIHI!

What I love about it:

  • lightweight - I feel that my skin can still breathe
  • you can work with layers to increase coverage and it won't look cakey
  • looks very natural - skin will still look like "skin"
  • has SPF 30
  • covers redness well
  • doesn't feel super sticky
  • very easy to blend
  • gives a natural glow
  • conceals pores
  • makes the skin look better and healthier
  • suitable for any skin type - best for dry skin
  • sets quickly


  • light coverage but you can put on more layers 
  • does not cover pimple marks, scars and other blemishes well, but again you can build up the coverage, or just do spot concealing
  • does not control excess oil
  • limited shade - I think there are only 2 available
  • SPF causes white cast in photos if camera flash is used
  • oxides a bit
  • does not last long, for thin and light application at least
  • not very opaque

I top it off with my BB Cream if I need some extra coverage instead of putting on more layers.  I also put on one very thick layer sometimes.  That way, you can really see the product's "foundation effect".

As you can see in the photos above, my moles and veins still peek through one thin layer of BCDATION.

after setting it with powder

I also noticed that there might be a need to shake the product first to activate the formula, because I saw an oil-ish looking thing a couple of times.    

Overall, I really like how it feels and looks on my normal/oily t-zone skin.  The light coverage is really not a big deal for me.  Not that I have flawless skin though.  HAHA!  It's just my preference.  Besides, coverage is buildable, so you can still control it somehow.

Hopefully, when Tony Moly decides to create a better and improved version of BCDATION, they will consider adding oil-control properties to the formula.  Nevertheless, I'd still recommend this for those who prefer a natural-looking makeup or those who like wearing a "no-makeup" look.  

What do you think?

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