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by - January 14, 2015

Hey, guys!  Here's the makeup video I promised.  I know.  I know.  It was supposed to be a holiday makeup (kind of) but things went a little crazy and hectic, so it got super delayed.  I even had to change the name of the file from Holiday Glam to Gold & Bold.

I realized that I didn't do any makeup video last year.  Maybe it's because I introduced the new makeup series here on le blog called Beauty Board.  The last video I created was Ruby Woo, which now, I'm not very happy about.  There's bad lighting and quality is not that good even though I used a DSLR that time.  Plus, my skin irritation is so visible!  Gaaah!  I could have done a better eye makeup to match that beautiful matte red lip color.  The only thing I love about that video is the falling red rose petals.  HAHA!

Anyway, at least I welcomed 2015 with a new one.  New and improved?  Maybe not.  HIHI!  I tried my best, guys.  Believe me.  Lighting is still bad, but I hope it's bright enough.  I just used my iPhone to film and take photos.  A few clips are also blurred.  Despite of everything, I still pushed through because I got really inspired by the song, Real Love by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.  Music is what actually gives me the idea and the drive to do not just makeup videos, but other short videos as well.  I don't know.  I just love editing and doing these mini-projects.  Sometimes, I find myself visualizing a music video for a song I really like.  Crazy?  I know!  HAHA!

So again, this look is called Gold & Bold.  For sure you already get the idea behind the title - gold accent on the eyes and bold lips.

Ready to click PLAY?

Here's the list of the products I used.  Click link to check out my review.  


I don't have a hair dryer and hair spray, so the curls didn't last long.  My hair became frizzy as well because it didn't dry well enough.  Hair styling is really one of my weak spot but I'm working on it. HAHA!

If you wanna know more about hairstyles I did here, just let me know so I can create a more detailed post.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
DIY Texturing Spray (I'll do a separate post about it)
Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo (review to follow)


I'm using a face makeup with light coverage, so the base is not that flawless.  I also forgot to do spot-concealing, so some of my pimple marks, moles and other blemishes are visible.  I rushed towards the end because it was already 6AM.  You would also notice that I'm a bit sweaty because there's no more power plug near me.  Hence, no fan.  HAHA!  So uncoordinated!

I usually apply concealer after eye makeup, but I didn't want my eye bags to be such a scene-stealer.  If you'll use a powdery eye shadow, you can also skip it for the meantime as you do all the blending.

My face looks brighter than my neck in the photos because of the poor lighting.  Gaah!

Tony Moly BCDATION (I forgot which shade I used)
Real Techniques Buffing Brush from Core Collection
Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener in Light Beige
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Auto Eyebrow in Dark Brown (review to follow)
Holika Holika Eyelove Proof Brow Mascara in Natural Brown (review to follow)
Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder in Matte Beige (review to follow)
Real Techniques Contour Brush from Core Collection


I recommend a not so glittery palette because we want the gold eyeliner to stand out.  Since we're using dark colors, make sure to apply small amount of eye shadow every time for easier blending.  Just keep buffing the edges until you get a smooth gradiation.  Light strokes help me most of the time.

If you do not have the same eye pencil I used on my waterlines, you can also apply a white eye shadow or a nude lip liner.  The intent there is to still make them visible rather than lining them with a dark color, because that will just make the eye makeup look stronger.  But feel free to do that instead if that's what you're going for.

For the eyeliner, it's completely up to you.  Just make sure that it doesn't overpower the gold liner.  And speaking of the gold eyeliner, I suggest not to make it too thick to the extent that it almost looks like an eye shadow.  We only want a pop of color, like a bonus treat or a surprise color.  *wink

Alternatively, you can also put on the gold eyeliner first, then the black eyeliner.  Mine is not very polished, but I think a sleek gold cat-eye would be perfect as well.

Geolica Xtra 3 Tone Grey Contact Lens
BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette
E.L.F. Professional Eye Shadow Brush
E.L.F. Blending Brush
Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Ballerina
Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner in Gold-lation (review to follow)
Red Cherry Lashes Eyelashes in #DW (review to follow)

The false lash on my right eye is having an awkward situation.  HAHA!  


L.A. Colors Lip Liner in Auburn (review to follow)
EM Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Passion Berries
Real Techniques Detailer Brush from Core Collection

Gold and plum look so nice together!

By the way, just to be clear.  I'm not a professional makeup artist and I haven't attended any formal makeup classes.  I admit that the look I created here is not perfect, but I still hope that you find it okay.  I just wanted to show you how to do this color combo and I thought it would help those who are starting to learn makeup but do not have a clear idea how to use their palettes and stuff.

I didn't do special or complicated blending techniques here as well.  It's really easy!  You can wear this on special events, parties, night outs or whenever you feel like rocking a bold look.

For those who prefer Beauty Board posts, don't worry.  They are a lot faster to create, so definitely, they will still come.

Thanks for watching!

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