Sample Stash - Etude House Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack & Moist Up Sleeping Pack

by - January 17, 2015

It's playtime!  

As you can see in the title above, I got here a "duo" sample of Play Therapy, a series of face packs made by one of my fave Korean cosmetics brand, Etude House.  Obviously, each pack targets a skin problem.  Here are your choices.

Soft Clay Pack
- pore and sebum care (clogged pores and oily skin)

Wash Off Pack
- spot care (pimple-prone skin)
- brightening (uneven skin tone)

Sleeping Pack
- moist up (dry skin)
- firming up (anti-aging)

You can use the clay pack or one wash off pack and one sleeping pack sequentially.  It depends on what skin issue you want to target.

They give out Soft Clay Pack and Sleeping Pack together like this for some reason.  I haven't seen any sample version of the rest of the packs, so if you're interested in trying out the other 3, you may need to buy the full-sized product.  All of them are in squeeze tube, they just differ in color and design.

Instructions on how to use them are indicated above and below.  I am not sure if it's also printed on the back of the tube, but if it's in Korean, just use these photos for your reference.

This one, however, I used a little bit differently.  Instead of applying it after washing my face and putting on toner, I did my usual facial scrub first and spread this as per instruction above.  It's more effective that way, in my opinion.  I also used it one time without the exfoliation part, but it didn't do much.

I instantly felt tightness, but not "botox-tight".  HAHA!  For sure, you know what I mean by that.  I also noticed that my face felt super smooth and there was no excess sebum.

Aside from those effects, I also love the formula of this product!  At first, I expected it to be extremely sticky and thick, and very difficult to apply.  I was wrong!  It's lightweight and glides on the skin like silk (as described above).  As I spread it, it gradually became slightly powdery.  Washing it off was also easy.  I did not experience any itchiness or irritation as well.

Next, the Moist Up Sleeping Pack.

Honestly, I don't see the difference of hydrating sleeping packs from regular face moisturizers.  Maybe it's the formula?  I am not really sure.  :)

Nevertheless, this one's good too!  Surprisingly, it's not super sticky, so no need to worry because them pillows are safe.  HAHA!  They scent is close to a soap with a shower fresh scent.  :)

Final thoughts?  Yep, I'd like to get the full-size version of both.  The instant pore tightening effect of the Soft Clay pack blew me away.  However, I'd recommend using it after exfoliation for better results.

I'm also interested to check out the formula and consistency of the other packs, but I'm not quite sure if Play Therapy is still available locally.  I checked Etude House Philippines website and all of them are displayed.  Price is 448 php.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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