Sample Stash - Nature Republic Snail Solution Emulsion, Essence and Cream

by - January 26, 2015

If you research about Korean's skin care routine, you'll be stunned by the number of products they put on their face almost every day and every night.  They really put so much effort when it comes to maintaining that youthful glow.  It is part of their culture, I guess?  It could be overwhelming at first for those who wanna try this regimen, and you might say that, "Ah, excuse me.  High-maintenance much?".  HAHA!

Truth is, it still boils down to the basics - cleansing, toning, hydrating, sun protection and targeting your major skin problem.  It's just that, you'll be working with layers and layers of product and formula.

Another fad in Korean's skin care world is snail secretion filtrate.  Sounds very weird and nasty, I know.  But obviously, you won't be putting on the actual snail goo (but some people do it too).  Skin care companies filter them multiple times via their own methods.

Thanks to Nature Republic, I got to try these 3 snail slime-based products!  They are a part of the Snail Solution line and as you can see, these are just samples.

I wasn't sure what's the correct order of applying this trio, so I did a little research online and got this.

1) Emulsion 80 (the little guy below)
2) Essence 70 (the tall guy above)
3) Cream 70 (the fat guy above)

There are other products included and some come in kits as well, so check them out on Nature Republic's website.

First, this Emulsion with 80% snail secretion filtrate.  It's pretty much like a moisturizer, except it's more lightweight.  It's my first time to use this kind of product.

I love this little bottle.  I think I can reuse it because it's travel-friendly.  :D

As I applied it onto my skin, it turned very watery.  It felt like there's nothing on, but I could still feel that my skin was moisturized and it became softer.

Next, the Essence with 70% SSF.  As the label says, it revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, and at the same time, helps promote the skin's natural cell regeneration process.

This is the step that I really want to incorporate in my skin care routine because it has a direct impact.   Actually, it's also my first time to see a facial essence in person.

I didn't expect that the consistency was a bit sticky and thick.  I thought it's watery just like the Emulsion.

A lot of people say that the best way to use essences is by patting it gently on skin, rather than spreading it as usual with your fingers.

Lastly, the Cream with 70% SSF.  I think this one serves as the actual moisturizer.

After applying everything, my face became dewy.

All of them:
  • are almost scentless (Icould smell something, but definitely not overpowering and not perfumy)
  • dry up fast
  • do not cause irritation (I got 1 pimple, but I can't tell if it's because of the formula or something else)
  • are easy to apply
  • I used at night only

Overall, I love it!  I'm interested to try the Essence and Emulsion further, but something tells me that they are both pricey.  

I know it would be hard to notice the actual effect in just 2-3 applications, that's why I have nothing yet to say about the things it did to my skin.  But I'm still glad I got to try these samples!

By the way, this trio comes in a set too.  And yep, these 3 types of products are just a part of a Korean multi-step skin care regimen.  

What do you think?

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  1. Medyo di ako hiyang dito. Itchy face galore. I have the full size. Let me know if you want it, I can sell it to you for a low price . Meron ako nung cream and ampoule. :)

    1. ah talaga? saken okay naman sya. Yung Essence sana eh. :)

  2. Hi Chi! Na try mona yung Nature Republic Snail BB Cream? Nakita ko sya sa (, May mga nabasa kasi ako na feedbacks na maganda sya kaso I'm worried na ma trigger nya yung skin allergies ko or mag ka pantal yung face ko. Mejo matagal kasing mawala yung pantal kapag inaallergy ako aabutin ng 2-3 days pag walang gamit na tinake. Sana sis may review kadin dun, Thanks chi

    1. Hi, Ashley!

      I haven't tried that BB Cream or any snail secretion filtrate based BB cream yet. I also haven't checked it out sa Nature Republic store. To be sure, you can opt for those ones na suitable for sensitive skin. :) I think The Face Shop or Holika Holika has one.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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