The Chic Closet - Ladylike Collection

by - February 15, 2015

Finally, a new collection after what?  Six months?  This is also our first this year!  So it's really special.

We decided to call it "Ladylike", because all of these pieces have a feminine vibe.  So, for those who are obsessed with oh so girly tops and dresses, this one's for you!

The girls are with me again!

It's been a stressful preparation for us, but we still enjoyed it.  And we do hope you like this set as much as we do.

Doing a photo shoot with these ladies is also a chance for me to practice my makeup skills.  What do you think about the look I did for them? 

Head to our Facebook page now and check out the full set!  You know the drill!  <3

The Chic Closet

Thanks again to Kris, my favorite photographer in the universe.  HIHI!  Also, to my brotha-in-law for letting us borrow his camera.

Let me know which one is your fave among this bunch.

Please show your love and support!

your sweetest drug,

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