Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge in Cherry Blossoms Pink

by - March 08, 2015

Really, Ichi?  Another lip product?  HAHA!  Don't get disappointed please.  You know how I love 'em and I have a soft spot for anything about lips.

For today's review, let's shift from regular lipsticks, glosses and lip tints to something different and like a combination of these three.  Interesting, huh?

This one's called Vivid Tint Rouge by Innisfree.

Product Description
  • has the lasting power of a lip tint
  • has the vivid color of a lipstick
  • has the shine of a lip gloss
  • contains Jeju camellia oil that helps moisturize the lips and safflower seed oil that acts as an anti-oxidant


I like the quality of the tube and the long transparent bar that allows you to see the actual color.  Cool.

It comes with an angular doe-foot applicator.


I picked the shade Cherry Blossoms Pink, a lovely coral pink.   It's surprisingly opaque and very pigmented.


Obviously, it gives a glossy finish and the shine doesn't wear off easily.  It makes the lips look smoother as well.  You can also layer it over a lipstick to add a beautiful sheen.

it looks a bit washed-out here because of the lighting


It's truly mistake-proof.  You can even apply it without looking at a mirror.  However, if you put on too much, it tends to go over the edges of the lips.  Not a biggie though because you can easily wipe it off with your fingers without any mess.


For me, it's like a lightweight lip gloss.  You can feel that it's there, but the stickiness is not super annoying.


It doesn't dehydrate my lips.  In fact, I don't even have to use a lip balm prior.  There's like a conditioning effect and even though I have chapped lips sometimes, it's still perfect to use because it doesn't cling to the flakes.  It even lessens the appearance of cracked areas and lip wrinkles.

I also like the sweet fruity scent.


Even though it has a lip tint feature, I don't find it as long-wearing.  You can easily remove it and it transfers easily as well.  When you wipe it off, it leaves a very subtle stain, but not enough to make your lips look still tinted.  When I use this for a day, I would have to re-apply after eating.

Overall, I really do enjoy using Vivid Tint Rouge.  I'm not a huge fan of glossy lip looks (because you know, I love my mattes!), but because it's opaque and pigmentation is so nice, it's hard for me not to love it.  I often pair it with a fresh makeup look (almost bare eyes and blushed cheeks) because the finish gives a youthful vibe.

If you love wearing lip glosses alone or even as a lipstick topper, this one's definitely for you.

What do you think?

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