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by - March 06, 2015

Hey, guys!  As you might have noticed, this past week has been all about product reviews.    That's because I've been trying to finish all backlog posts and most of them are stuff in my past hauls.  I hope you're still enjoying MUAH and Skin Care 101 series.  Expect a lot more to come in the following days.

What I have here today are two lipsticks from Tony Moly.  Yep, two shades.  It's very rare that I pick more than one color at once especially from the same collection.  Well, unless there's a special price.  That's just damn hard to resist.  So, yea.  You got it right.  I bought these because there's a 1+1 promo at that time when I went on a Korean cosmetics shopping spree.  HAHA!

Product name is Kiss Lover Style Lipstick.  I'd like to call them my skinny/thinner lippies because they are a lot smaller than average ones.


The plastic case seems to be flimsy but I like the metal inside and the reassuring "click" sound when you close it.

There's no color sticker at the bottom of it to know which shade it is.  Just the name of the shade in Korean and the color code, so I have to either read that or open the tube.


I got the shade Peony Pink, which is a lovely watermelon pink.  The bullet looks like hot pink, but on my lips, it's a perfect everyday pink because it's not too bright and not too dark.  It's also a bit sparkly but almost unnoticeable and the glitters doesn't cling on the lips.

Next is this gorgeous nude shade called Mood Beige.  I love the hint of pink which makes this one more wearable. 

In terms of color payoff, they're a bit lacking.  The color is not buildable.  However, in my opinion, that doesn't make them boring lipsticks.  They still give a nice flush of color to the lips and you can intensify the pigmentation by applying them over a lip liner or another lipstick (I suggest a matte one).

The color is not too opaque, but they're not 100% in the sheer category as well.


Oh boy!  They are soooo creamy and shiny!  

Check out the photos below.  I applied tinted lip balm prior and topped it off with a thin layer of foundation to tone down my lips.  That way, you can somehow see the lipsticks' true color.

Mood Beige

Peony Pink


I think they will look prettier with lip liners.  There's a different instruction on the box but I just apply them directly on my lips.

They glide super smoothly.  Effortless.  Though I encounter some feathering.  


I find them uncomfortable to wear sometimes because they have the stickiness of a lip gloss.  You can really feel that you have lipstick on.  But if you're a lip gloss girl, you might enjoy Kiss Lover Style lippies.


They're moisturizing but still cause minimal flaking.  I also hate how Mood Beige gathers up around the inner rim of my lips.  Plus, I don't like the scent and taste because I find it sweet but too artificial.  Boo. :(

They settle into the lip lines but good thing is that, they don't emphasize them, even the flakiness (if you have extremely dry lips).


Lasting power is not its best feature.  You might want to bring them with you for touch ups.

Peony Beige leaves some glitters behind.

I used makeup remover wipes here.

Mood Beige looks pretty on photos.  It's very flattering with either smokey or natural eye makeup.  I always make sure to put on some blush when I wear this lippie to add more color on my face.

But if I want a more vivid color, I'd go with Peony Pink.  It's a shade of pink you can see anywhere so I think it would suit any skin tone.

What's you pick?

I'm not sure if Kiss Lover Style  lipsticks are still available locally, so better swing by any Tony Moly branch and check it out.

your sweetest drug,

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