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by - June 17, 2015

Today's featured product is not new but surprisingly, it's still popular in the drugstore.  That's actually one reason why I bought it - to see what's the real deal.

Quick fun fact - this is the first ever primer I've purchased.  I was not into them so much because I thought of them only as an extra step in my makeup routine.  However, things changed after watching so many Youtube beauty videos and seeing how these bases made a huge difference to the appearance of their skin.  Some of the good ones available in the market can even improve a foundation's lasting power and coverage.  Astonishing.

I thought of trying a drugstore brand first before traversing to the "high-end" side of the makeup street.  So yes, here's a very familiar and cute tube you can find in any Maybelline counter.

299 php for 22 ml

It's called Baby Skin Pore Eraser, a silicone-based primer that claims to give a flawless and poreless face.

What I love about it

  • nice everyday primer for the price
  • a little amount goes a long way - just concentrate on the center of the face 
  • very lightweight

  • my skin can still breathe with it on
  • no troubles spreading the product on the face
  • makes the skin softer
  • no weird scent

  • blurs out fine lines
  • nice tube packaging - you can easily control the amount of product
  • makes my BB/CC cream less sticky
  • makes the skin look a little matte

There's always a BUT

  • you need to wait for it to set before applying foundation because if not, the two will just mix
  • it doesn't work as a pore eraser completely, I'd say below average
  • it cannot blur medium to large pores

  • it does not minimize the appearance of bumps and dark spots
  • there's no brightening effect
  • the fact that it contains silicone could be an issue for some, luckily, I'm not sensitive to that so no breakout

  • it does not make the foundation to last longer
  • no oil-control

Overall, I don't really see any significant difference "when applying it" versus "when I don't have it underneath".  In my opinion, people with lesser skin/pore issues would appreciate it more.  

The pore-erasing effect is very subtle and minimal but good thing, it works on fine lines.  For me, it's more of a blurring primer so I guess, it's still good to use if you just want to use a primer to make the skin smooth prior makeup application for easier blending.  

One tip!

When I apply a tad bit amount on my brows, they're so much effortless to groom and fill-in (that's when I use a brow crayon/pencil).  Try it!

What do you think?

Have you tried this before?  If yes, did it work on you?

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