Sample Stash - Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream & Aquaporin Moisture Cream

by - June 13, 2015

Moving forward, I'm gonna feature multiple samples in one post for this series.  I thought that talking about one little sachet is not substantial enough, and I don't want to keep that kind of quality so here's a change.

As a start, here are two impressive products by Tony Moly.

The blue one is called Aquaporin Moisture Cream, a gel-type, water based moisturizer.  It's a part of the line below.

From the looks of it, this is made for normal to dry to very dry skin, but I think this is also appropriate for oily skin and also perfect during summer season because it's super lightweight and it's not on the creamy side.

Would I go for the full-sized version?

Yes!  I loved it.  It's really hydrating and fast-absorbing.  No stickiness whatsoever so I'm pretty sure others would love it as well.

I only have two qualms - the perfume-ish scent that lingered while waiting for it to completely dry, which was like a minute, and the hefty price tag.  I saw a tube version of this online though I don't know if that's the Super Size, which is listed in their local website.  In any case, it says this costs 1,578 php.  Ooh.  

Next, Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream.

left side without BB cream | right side slightly blended

It only comes in one shade and unluckily, it's too light on me.  But thanks to my current face powder, it helped tone down the brightness.

The product's color reminded me of Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream as there's a tiny bit of grayness into but it didn't oxidize too much on me.

Would I go for the full-sized version?

Yes again!  The coverage was excellent considering it's only a BB cream - close to full, almost like a foundation.  The redness and veins did not peek through one layer.  On those 3 days when I used it, it set beautifully and sat well on my skin.  

On the photos below, my pimple bumps are still visible but that's okay.  I think it's really hard to conceal them with just a face base makeup.  I also loved how it evened out my skin tone and diminished the appearance of pores even without primer!

By the name itself, it's for those people who want a dewy finish.  On me, it's not drying.  The glow was nice and just right even underneath powder.

bronzer also helped darkening the shade a bit

No troubles blending it as well.  The consistency was creamy just like any foundations or BB/CC creams.  One watch-out though is the stickiness.

It smelled like soap or lotion but still pleasant.  

In terms of oil-control, I didn't notice a significant difference.  And as for the lasting power, it would not budge unless you really wipe it off or something.

For me, this one has a great chance of standing out when compared with other Asian BB creams.  

What do you think?

Btw, I could not see it in Tony Moly's website so go visit their stores to inquire.  Like them on Facebook too!

your sweetest drug,

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