Skin Care 101 - Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

by - June 04, 2015

Thinking of all the things I need to do is only making me feel lazy.  Okay, here goes procrastination.  Pft.  Well, except for the video I have to edit because I do enjoy that task.  Aaaaand since I've mentioned it already, YES, I'm cooking up another video for you guys!  So, please watch out for that.

Anyway, for now, I'm gonna talk about my current toner.

If you've been with me for a while now, you probably know that I'm obsessed with products targeting pore issues.  If I see labels like pore tightening, pore minimizing and the likes, there's a big chance that I would buy it.  That's also a non-negotiable thing for my toners.

This Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner by Dickinson's caught my attention because it's screaming like "I'm gonna take care of your pores!".

I bought this guy from Healthy Options at 379 php.  That's really cheap for a 473ml toner, even more affordable than some famous drugstore ones.

Before buying it, I checked out reviews online.  I was surprised to find out that a lot of people loved it so much and said that it's super effective.  That and the price had me dashing to the mall.

So, what is witch hazel?

It's a shrub.  It's not a newbie in the skincare world because people have been using it for ages, not only for cosmetic purposes but also medicinal.  

Dickinson's makes 100% natural formula, meaning, no added chemicals or fragrance.

The good stuff...

  • reduces acne
  • de-puffs under eyes
  • reduces inflammation on skin
  • tightens pores
  • controls oil production
  • soothes irritated skin
  • treats sunburn
  • eases redness

I've been using it day and night as a regular part of my skincare routine and I must say I really noticed improvements on my pore size (with exfoliation of course).  Some of them are less visible now and I couldn't be any happier.  I also think that my retinol cream has been helping out a lot.

The only frustrating thing about it is the scent.  Oh man.  #thestruggleisreal whenever I'm applying it on my face.  I've read about it online but I didn't expect that it's BAD, like enough-to-make-you-gag bad!  

It smells like wet, old wood and kinda reminds me of a deadly hard liquor (something that would make you cringe).  Basta!!!

I tried not to breathe but I just couldn't hold it while waiting for the smell to disappear.  I also tried pinching my nose but that's not the best way to avoid the nasty scent because I wouldn't be able to apply the product on the area where I need it the most.  So, if you're wondering how the hell I got to finish half of the toner already given that disturbing fact, let me share my trick.

What I do is, I put small cotton balls in my nostrils.  Yes, that's my desperate strategy.  I know it's silly and awful and I look like I'm on my Halloween costume but it works, so whatever.  HAHA!  And just so you know, I'm still not used to it.

Witch hazel as a toner is really life-changing.  It is a close runner-up to my other favorite - Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner.

There's no cooling or tingling sensation and no botox-tight feeling after application.

Since I solely use it as a toner, I have nothing to say about its other benefits, but in terms of face care in general, I love how it reduces the swelling of pimples.  You know, that stage when your zit is all red and about to erupt.  HAHA!  I haven't noticed any change on sebum control though, but that's fine as long as it doesn't overdry my skin while treating my pores well.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. graet post you have posted about Witch Hazel for skin care.

    toner with witch hazel

  2. Do you use moisturizer after? What moisturizer do you use?


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