Skin Care 101 - The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Blueberry and Rice

by - June 16, 2015

Everyone has been talking about dinosaurs and a shocking season finale lately.  Both are all over my news feed, and let me just say, the GoT spoilers annoyed me big time.  Ugh!

Anyway, I'm planning to finish a few drafts before our Cebu trip this weekend.  After this one, I have four product reviews lined up then, next week, I'm thinking of filming a skincare routine video.

Today's post features facial mask, my cheap yet oh-so-great skin booster fave.

I got two last Christmas from Kris' sister (thanks Ate!!!).  They are from The Face Shop's Real Nature mask line, which offers various key natural ingredients.  Actually, most facial sheets like so are made of things we normally see at home or the organic ones.

Blue-Very Wrinkle-Free

They don't just sit prettily and look yummy on top of cheesecakes.  They are also known as super-charged anti-oxidant which promotes anti-aging and regains skin's suppleness.

I also used it on Kris and he loved it.  There's a similar scent but only perceivable when smelled from the pack.

Rice Bright!

Rice offers skin benefits too!  They're known as brighteners and have been used for centuries for cosmetic purposes.  If you have an uneven skin tone problem, this one's your best choice among the other masks.

I'm pretty sure you can recreate this at home. I've seen a tutorial by Michelle Phan showing a DIY so go check that out.

Yes to Mask Time!

I loved both - so hydrating, so refreshing on the face and they were effective in shooing the dullness away.

For those who want to try it, one thing to watch out is the tacky feeling after application.  But I think that's normal for facial masks.  It's nothing uncomfy though.  Not the type of stickiness that would make you get up and rinse your face.

Lastly, avoid Real Nature if you're sensitive or allergic to any skincare with fragrance.  

What do you think?

What's your favorite facial sheet key ingredient?

your sweetest drug,

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