Skin Care 101 - Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

by - June 29, 2015

After trying out Skinfood's very popular and best-selling product, Black Sugar Mask (loved it but it needed help to remove stubborn blackheads), I decided to test the other variants to see if they would work just the same.  And between the other two, I didn't hesitate to pick its twin (almost) for starters.

They added strawberry and created an even sweeter version.

A lot of people who have tried both said that this one's less abrasive than the original Black Sugar, but I don't agree.

IMO, this one is capable of more "scrubbing" action because aside from the sugar granules, there are also strawberry seeds.

Both are packaged in the same tub.  Labels and design are very much alike as well.

Once you open it, it's like strawberry wonderland!  The sweet scent is reminiscent of yummy strawberry cupcakes, candies, jam and all of those pink sweet treats you can think of.  Whenever I use it, I always tell myself "no, you cannot eat it".  HAHA!

Here's how I use it.

I do my exfoliation two to three times a week (unless I forgot).  I also make sure that I've cleansed my face already before applying this mask wash off and same as before, I use lukewarm water.

Look how much I've used up already!

Both black sugar scrubs have the same consistency and formula, well except for the added strawberry goodness obviously.  The product kinda melts off once you massage it on your skin and you can really smell the sweet fruity fragrance, which for me is an added treat.  HAHA!

You'll instantly feel the sugar granules and seeds as they buff the skin's surface.

Overall, I'd say this strawberry mask works just the same as the original black sugar one.  Their performance?  Equal.  However, this sweet baby gives a bit more moisture.

Skinfood's sugar masks help create baby smooth skin after application.  But again, for the stubborn blackheads, you may need to do additional steps and use additional products.

So, who won my heart?

Both!  These two are the facial scrubs I would love to use interchangeably.  I won't mind owning pure black or strawberry!  They are both welcome to my bathroom sink.  HAHA!

A few tips!

If you feel that the scrub is too harsh as you massage it on your skin, add some more water.  That would help melt off some of the granules.  

Don't bother exfoliating your pimple when it's on the it's-about-to-erupt stage because doing so might irritate it even more.

Concentrate on the center of your face especially if you have normal, combination or dry skin.  You just need to target the areas where the skin gets very clogged and dull.  If you have very, very dry skin, you'd need a very, very gentle exfoliator.  

What do you think?

Next one to try, the Rice mask!

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