Sample Stash - Cure, Holika Holika and Tony Moly

by - July 19, 2015

It's past midnight already and I don't even know if I can make a decent post in this kind of mood, but whatever.  Still doing it anyway.  Oh man, I'm still under Magic Mike's spell.  HAHA!  Have you watched it, "queen"?

As mentioned before, I'm gonna feature multiple products in one sample stash post, and for today, I have one Japanese and two Korean brands.

Let's get right into it!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

This one is apparently a popular skincare product in Japan.  I've seen a post online saying that one bottle is being sold in like every 12 seconds!  

It's basically an exfoliator made with 90% water and a combination of hydrating, anti-bacterial and other natural ingredients.

The full-sized version comes in a pump bottle (250 ml) and it costs 1,500 php.  The sample on the other hand comes in a sachet.

It's recommended to use Cure twice a week.

Application is a piece of cake.  Foolproof.  You just apply it on you fingers and massage it gently on your cleansed face until it dries.  Then, rinse it water, but personally, I just use facial towelettes.

The unique thing about this exfoliator is that, you'll see white stuff as you rub it on your skin and they said, it's dead skin.  I cannot 100% guarantee it though.  

Yes, it clears out the skin after application but I don't feel the "exfoliating effect" that much (compared when I use an actual facial scrub) aside from the pencil eraser's scrap-like thing that it produces.  I guess that just how it works.

It's very gentle and not drying.  Hence, those with dry and sensitive skin would enjoy this.

It's fragrance-free.  It almost looks and feels like water.  I didn't encounter irritations too.

I just hope it would polish the skin and unclog pores even more.

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

If you're into sleeping masks, maybe you'd be interested to try wine.  Yes?

This one's for the Park Shin Hye anti-wrinkle fanatics.  

The full-sized version comes in a wine barrel-inspired packaging (120 ml).  There are two variants, white and red.

Which one do you prefer to drink?  Oh!  I'm talking to your skin.  :D

Red Wine

Anti wrinkle sleeping pack that makes your skin smooth and resilient with shape memory moisture membrane of red wine

White Wine

Whitening sleeping pack that makes your skin moist and bright with water drop moisture membrane of white wine 

I don't know about shape memory and moisture membraine guys!  HAHA!

Unfortunately, I haven't really felt the ultra-hydrating effect that I normally expect from a sleeping mask.  It's a little bit greasy but it's very lightweight.  It takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to completely dry.

The next day, I woke up with an oily face but after washing, it felt smooth.  

It's not bloody red but there's a slight pink color and yes oh yes, it smells like grapes!  If you hate fruity scent, need not worry as the scent also disappears after a few minutes.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk

Minions might love this one!  Not for eating though!

The full-sized version is cuter!  Look!

It retails at 378 php locally.

I love that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling and it's really moisturizing.  The consistency is not lotion-ish which I appreciate.  I don't know how to describe it though, it's like a creamy icing.  

And I think I don't even need to describe the scent.  :)

That's it!  

I wish you a nice week ahead!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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