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by - July 23, 2015

So yes, I'm finally blogging about this one memorable evening I had recently.  Honestly, I still cannot believe that I became a part of this blogger event.  I'm so grateful that I got to experience this kind of pampering, beautifying sesh organized by one of the Korean brands I truly admire.  It's definitely one for the books!

Before I start the storytelling, let me thank Ms. Mela once again for having me.  Never in my wildest dreams would I think of receiving an invitation from Laneige!

The SPArty for the Sleeping Beauties was held at Blue Water Day Spa, Ortigas.  It was my first time to attend such kind of event so I didn't know what to expect.

As we enter the room, we were welcomed by the staff and I was so stunned when I saw the decors. Blue and white balloons everywhere, snack table with pajama party-ish theme and they even prepared robes with our names on it!  Plus, my fave detail, the BB cushion puff pillow!  #ilovetheidea

Of course, I had to grab a glass of milk and cookies.

All those things made me go like "oh yes, this is going to be a fun night!".  And it was.

The event was organized by Laneige mainly to introduce the new and improved version of their ever-so-famous product, the Water Sleeping Mask.

It promises to give your skin a boost of hydration overnight and make you look like you had at least 8 hours of sleep.  Ah-uh.

It's exactly what someone like me needs -  someone who works on a graveyard shift and who also loves staying up till wee hours just to watch her favorite TV series, movies and Youtube channels.

Look!  They made a bed-like photo booth design for the Sleeping Beauties!

#selfie first before removing my makeup

The best part for me was when we tried some of the Laneige skincare products.  Of course, I had to remove my makeup and start with cleansing.

Here's what the beauty consultant used.

Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil

A refreshingly light cleansing oil that completely removes makeup and cleanses in one step while exfoliating and brightening the skin.

A cleansing oil first-timer right here!  

It didn't completely remove my mascara but the rest of my makeup was gone in just a few wipes.  It felt good, not irritating - totally opposite of what I expected from cleansing oils.  My skin became super smooth after and not robbed of moisture (what other foam cleansers tend to do).

Light Power Essential Skin Refiner

Eliminates impurities in the pores, and removes keratin for clear and transparent skin.

This basically works as a toner.

Clear C Advanced Effector

Illuminate your skin from within with the vital energy of Vitamin C. It contains Superberry extract that makes the skin look clearer and smoother.

This is your guy if you want a clearer, brighter, more radiant skin.  

Lip and Eye Remover Waterproof

An oil-free remover that gently removes eye and lip makeup.  Safe for sensitive eye and lip areas.

We used this to remove the rest of my eye makeup.

Light Balancing Emulsion

Controls excess sebum and balances oil and moisture for clear and transparent skin.

This type of moisturizer is suitable for oily skin as it also has oil-control properties.

Rich Hand Butter

Oh so buttery!  Perfect to use if you need a hand massage.  You'll also fall in love with the scent.

Water Sleeping Mask

Of course, here's the star of the evening.  

Lip Sleeping Mask

Gently erases dry, flaky skin on the lips through the night for smoother and suppler lips.

Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil

With natural virgin coconut oil which dissolves waterproof heavy makeup, mugwort extracts with anti-bacterial effect, deeply purifies pores and melts down sebum.  Free of mineral oil which helps to prevent skin irritation.

Since I loved the orange one, I wanna actually try this version because it's more suitable for oily skin.

Seriously guys, after layering five of the products I mentioned above, my skin instantly became supple, well-hydrated and revitalized.  I think it never felt that good for so long.  Yes, you can see my pimple marks, which are slowly disappearing now (thank goodness!), but I really loved the quick fix and overall effect!

While I was given serious skin pampering, my feet were also having their moment.  HAHA!  As a bonus, I also had back and head massage. 

After everything, I was ready to sleep... only I couldn't.  HAHA!  Nighty night!

On one side, the ladies were also having nail-art and makeup session.  While waiting for my turn, I checked out Laneige's makeup line.

No doubt, my favorite has to be the BB cushion.  The brush pacts and lip tints are also interesting.  

Remember the pillow??  Here's the smaller version. :)

with only skincare + BB Cushion

Everything about the Laneige BB Cushion was absolutely impressive - finish, formula and coverage!  It was my first time seeing it and applying it on my face and I must say, it's one of the best face makeup to use if you're into dewy, almost flawless yet natural-looking skin.

Actually, I'm still on the fence about buying one.  I need a new BB cream now, but it's outside my budget.  Although if I think about it, it's almost like getting two for 2,000 pesos because you'd get one refill too.  Not bad, right?

my buddy that night!  Thank youuu!

After a few hours...

See that glow?  I just lacked concealer here but anyway, face makeup was still on point.  

Aaaaand the biggest surprise - freebies!!!

I was so shocked I almost dropped the box when I saw it!

Here's a duo you can depend on if you want to wake up with perfectly rested skin!  Face and lips, Laneige got you covered girl!  All you need is the Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit.

My skin said, "I want more of the sleeping mask".  So there.  

I'll tell you more about these two on a separate post.

Again, thank you Laneige PH!  

What do you think?  What's your favorite beauty item by Laneige?

your sweetest drug,

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