TOUCHDOWN - Cebu 2015

by - July 12, 2015

Even though I've been in Cebu almost every year since 2012, I know for sure that there are still a lot of things to do and places to explore there.  That's why when my friends and I were planning for a late summer trip two months ago, I didn't hesitate to recommend the amazing island in the South.  

Sooooo, here's another Cebu travel post and my first ever travel video!

During our 4-day stay, we got to experience a short city tour, food trips and island hopping (oh yes, we couldn't skip the beach).

For our first meal in the city, we went to Larsian.

It's basically a BBQ place (and paluto) and the best feature is the price.

We ordered a lot but was only charged 800++ php.

My fave was the grilled tuna.  My friends also loved the squid and shrimp.

You won't find regular rice here.  Here's their version.  It's called puso.

After dinner and shower, we went to The Distillery 'cause you know, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".  HAHA!

We had an early call time the next day for our island hopping.

Thanks Kuya Bangkero for sitting on mah head! :)

We were charged 640 php per person.  We also paid 150 php for Pandanon island's entrance fee. For Caohagan, we just did a quick dip and gave 50 php donation.  The third and last island included in our package was Gilutungan.  We were not in the mood for some snorkeling action so we decided to skip it.

Pandanon Island

Breathtaking sandbar!

Of course, here's my #plankeverywhere photo.

Caohagan Island

You may contact Ms. Debby for the boat rental at 0923 421 1458.

Oh by the way, we stayed at Cebu R Hotel, a few blocks away from Fuente circle.

We were supposed to see this famous Cebu landmark on our first day, but our flight got super delayed.  And since our plan to hang out at a beach in Mactan did not push through, we just spent the day exploring the city.

First stop, Magellan's Cross and Basilica del Santo Niño.

For lunch, we didn't think of other food to eat.  It had to be LECHON!!!

The group picked Zubuchon.

Next, #coffeebreak.

We visited a stunning cafe/pastry shop/wine bar called La Vie Parisienne.  It's truly an Instagram-perfect place in Cebu.

Such a relaxing ambiance!

I loved their chocolate macaron.  I should have tried more flavors.  

The chocolate and lemon mousse-ish treats were delish too! 

We stayed at the hotel on our third and last night but I got hungry so we went out for a midnight snack.

We found a 24-hr restaurant called Ilaputi in IT Park.  Their carbonara was so creamy and yummy.  We also enjoyed their buffalo chicken sticks.

We spent our last day at Lapu-lapu shrine, Shangrila Mactan and Lantaw restaurant.

That's all!

I'm gonna see you again in October, Cebu!

your sweetest drug,

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