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by - August 28, 2015

Heeeeey guys!

In just a few days, we'll officially welcome the "BER" months.  That means, my birthday is just around the corner.  Not that I'm super excited about it though.  HAHA!  With all of the things-to-do on my plate right now, I'm not even sure how I'd be able to celebrate it with my friends, family and of course, with Kris.  Next month is going to be crazy and hectic and stressful for sure.  

Anyway, I'm done with my haul video so it's time to plan out another one.  I'm thinking of doing, a) how to do lip gradient b) current skincare routine c) new makeup tutorial.  Let me know what you would like to see next, kay??

Happy long weekend!  

your sweetest drug,

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