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by - August 31, 2015

While I was browsing my folders to check some photos, I found these ones taken a couple of months back.  All I could say was "what the".  I totally forgot to do a post for this look!  What's wrong with me these days?!  I don't want to keep them buried in my external hard drive and also rename the folder to "forgotten", so here it is, a Lookbook post.

But before I talk about the outfit, I want to let you know that I just finished filming a makeup tutorial.  Hooray!  Feeling productive this long weekend.  I haven't watched the videos to check if they're not out of focus or anything but I'm positive that they're all good.  We'll see!

Now, onto the look!

The weather this rainy season seems to be an extension of summer.  It's not as blazing but some days, it's too humid and I hate it because of all the sweat and the sticky feeling.

Times like that, you might need to throw on airy clothes.  You can still do some layering but try light cover-ups like this chiffon or sheer cardigan I'm wearing or a kimono.

So, that's all for now.  This series will get a bit inactive since unfortunately, I won't be doing the usual Lookbook shoots for The Chic Closet as often as before.  But I will still try my best to share ootd's from time to time.  :)

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