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by - August 06, 2015

I don't know about you, but I really think lip crayons are such cuties!  They somehow make lipsticks more fun to use and keep in our purses.  They remind me of jumbo Crayolas I used to have back in the days!  Oh, did you own those too?!

Unlike regular lippies, these babies require you to hold them like how you'd exactly hold a crayon while gliding them on your lips.  So amusing.  Plus, the pointed or cone-like tip is so convenient.  You can line and color your lips even without a mirror!

I think almost every brand, drugstore, high-end, Korean or local has released their own version of lip crayons.  And believe me, I wanted to hoard them just like how I collect lip tints but I decided to get one that's been there for quite some time already.  

Revlon is not the first one to sell lip crayons, but when they introduced the product a few years ago, it became a hit.  Almost everyone loved that line.  

I instantly knew that it's the perfect timing to buy one after I saw their ad on Facebook.  50% off!  That's something you wouldn't want to miss!

287.50 php - discounted

It has the same packaging as with most brands - plastic twistable tube.  You won't need your dirty sharpener.  

I picked the shade, Smitten Eprise, a pretty plum-ish, cranberry color.  

Only the Balm Stain line was on sale.  It's one of the three variants of Revlon lip crayons.  I would like to simply describe it as a tinted lip balm with staining effect.

Moisture + flush of color!

I don't have anything bad to say about this baby!  I love it.  All of it.

From color payoff to comfort and formulation, I must say, it's something that I would like to grab and use without even thinking.


I'm not sure if the other shades are also as pigmented as this one.  I just picked Smitten Eprise because it's the most vivid color out of the other five I've swatched.  It's the one that really stood out and I also love how it complements my skin tone.

For a tinted lip balm, color payoff is indeed pretty good!  Just one swipe and you'd instantly get a pop of color.  It's not buildable though.  Same intensity even after a couple of layers.


Not totally glossy but there's a decent amount of shine.  


No brainer.  It glides like butter.

I tried using it as a cheek stain and it did well too.


Actually, I sometimes skip my usual lip balm application because Balm Stain is enough to keep my lips hydrated the entire day.  Even if I reapply, it still doesn't cause my lips to crack and it still feels very lightweight.

It has a wonderful scent, almost fruity or candy-ish I think.  There's a minty, cooling sensation that I also enjoy.

I used it one time when I still had windburn and it didn't irritate.  

No need to worry as well about "bleeding" and emphasized lip lines!


Like I told you, it doubles up as a lip stain so expect tinted lips all day!  There's fading after eating or drinking but it still leaves a tad bit of color.  My only, almost negligible concern is that it settles in between the lines too much.

Now, my only regret is that I only bought one.  Boohoo.  But I'm planning to get few other ones from their Matte Balm and Laquer Balm collection.

What do you think?

What other lip crayons have you tried so far?  Any suggestion what to try next?

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