Skin Rejuvinating Sesh at Bioessence

by - August 29, 2015

Hey guys!  Are you having a relaxing long weekend so far?

Anyway, I tried doing a GRWM video earlier today but the camera battery died.  I forgot checking if it's full so yea, good job, Ichi.  Good job.  So now, let me just talk about my skin rejuvinating experience at Bioessence clinic.

I was actually hesitating to publish this one because I don't have enough photos.  On my next visit, I promise, I'll document everything.  HAHA!

Last month, I received a gift from Caronia and included in the bag were vouchers from Bioessence.  I'm familiar with it because I've seen a branch in a mall.  I decided to give it a try and it's also a perfect timing since I really felt that my skin needed a serious pampering.

We chose their Greenhills branch.  Reservation was super easy and hassle-free.  All of the staff were so accommodating.

The place looks like a clinic-slash-spa for me.  There's also a dermatologist available for consultation.

She assisted us and checked our skin condition first.  Yep, Kris tried the treatment too!  I convinced him but of course, that took a lot of  "please, you have to try it" and "come on, it's really good for the skin" lines.  HAHA!

Actually, I like the fact that they did that as a first step.  The two clinics I've visited long time ago just recommended a facial type without knowing my skin issues.

The room we used was not spacious, but clean (and blue -because of the light).  They offered tea and started with cleansing and a quick head massage.

I tried their Refreshing Facial (650 php) and Diamond Peel plus Oxygen Treatment using my vouchers.  Kris tried the Basic Facial (300 php).  I can't exactly remember the price so go give them a call if you want to inquire.

So basically, here's the procedure.  They also applied skin care stuff on my face.

  1. Face steam
  2. Diamond peel - It's my first time!  They used like a "sucking machine" that's supposed to lift, pull and remove dead skin cells.  It felt kinda like Velcro. 
  3. Removal of blackheads
  4. Pricking of pimples and milia - So far, Bioessence is the only one that included milia removal in facials.  So happy!
  5. Mint mask - Refreshing indeed!
  6. Laser to make pores smaller

    7.  O2 treatment for moisture

The pricking part was painful but that's normal I guess.  Again, it depends on your pain tolerance.  It also gave me several pimple marks but they faded after 2 days.

Overall, I really like how they carefully and effectively removed my pimple residues (you know, the ones that you actually wasn't able to get rid of) and my medium to large milias.  The tiny ones, well, I agreed to leave them alone for now because the pain of removing them would be like three times more intense than the huge ones.

I didn't encounter skin irritations after as well.

My only concern is that, they didn't concentrate on my blackheads too much.  But I'm still satisfied because my milias are gone.  I can deal with those yucky stuff myself anyway.

I still have one voucher left and I'm thinking to use it to have my warts removed.  The dermatologist said that I have small ones and it's better to get rid of them as early as now.

What do you think?

Oh, by the way, the last facial I had before this one was in April of 2012.  I just want to let you know that I don't regularly undergo skin treatments.  I completely rely on my skincare routine.

Visit Bioessence's website for more details.

your sweetest drug,

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