BEAUTY BOARD - Fresh and Blooming Makeup

by - September 20, 2015

I'm a big fan of light, glowy and fresh makeup looks.  You know, that effortless kind of look which would make you appear blooming and won't make people think that you're wearing a mask.  

After a few years of experimenting and playing with makeup, I've realized that subtle looks like this one seem to be the most flattering on me.  Actually, I did this look on my birthday but it's something that I also wear often so nothing special.  But I hope you'll get an idea on how to look so put together even with very minimal makeup.

The above photo shows the products I used.  The eye primer is optional because the eye shadow there also has a lasting base, a shimmery one though.  

Don't get annoyed by my selfies below!  *peace

Oh!  By the way, did you miss my Beauty Board series?  :)

I also used my Clinique eye shadow in Neutral as a highlighter.  

Eye makeup is very light but the eyeliner with a little bit of flick makes it more defined.

That's it!  

Wishing you guys a nice week ahead!

your sweetest drug,

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