Nuat Thai, Libis

by - October 24, 2015

September 23rd, one day before our 3rd anniversary, we thought of getting some relaxing body massage.  We didn't have much time to look for a new spa place so we thought, why not try Nuat Thai again but go for a different branch.  Apparently, that's Kris' favorite and besides, it's very affordable too.

We headed to Libis for our pampering sesh and here's what I have to say about it.

Reservation was a breeze.  Well, it was a weekday so that explains why.  Kris called around noon, got a confirmation and we got there past 5 o'clock. 

It's not so hard finding the place.  Just use your usual Eastwood route and you can spot Nuat That at the opposite side of Shopwise.  

From the outside, you'd think that the whole place is just small but as you enter and as you walk down the halls, you'd see the spacious rooms.

I chose a body scrub and Swedish massage package (850 php) and the whole treatment lasted for two hours.  Actually, I was kinda hesitating to get a massage 'cause my body was still recovering from the intense conditioning I did during our dance rehearsals.  My legs were aching.  My arms were super sore.  I could barely walk properly that day and the next day.  Anyway, I still went for it.  

Yep, it hurt.  However, I still enjoyed it.  

And oh, before heading to our rooms, they gave us a quick foot scrub at this area.

I have nothing to say about the cleanliness and service.  I think we got the same level of that nice pampering experience as with the other branches we've been to.  Even the shower and comfort rooms were spotless.  The body wash gel was great as well.  I just wished that the body scrub they used on me was more fragrant.

You can definitely have a below-500-php de-stressing moment with Nuat Thai.  Since they have accessible branches all over the metro, you can just drop by let's say after a tiring work day or whenever you are in the mood for some body rub or stretching.  We might also bump into each other because we will surely go back.  :)

I really had a good sleep that night.  Yay!

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