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by - October 08, 2015

I have a ton of backlogs and ugh, I get kinda stressed out whenever I think about them.  Believe me, as much as I want to finish them one by one and blog everyday, it's not that easy-peasy as I have other priorities.  I always try my best though to do drafts when I get home from work but then again, sometimes, I have no energy left.

Hopefully, you're still okay with my overdue posts.  Besides, I think quality-over-quantity is much better. #palusotpa

So, here's one that you have probably seen three times already here on le blog prior this actual review.

As I shared before, after the Laneige blogger event held two months ago, they gave us this Sleeping Care Kit which contains two skincare-bedtime necessities.

One of which is the popular Water Sleeping Mask which is now in new and improved version.

This bestselling product by Laneige is basically a moisture booster.  By the name itself, it's meant to be applied at night.

It promises to make your skin look refreshed as if you had 8 hours of sleep.  Remember, our skin cells regenerates faster during bedtime so if you're sleep-deprived (which I know most of you are because you can't help but stay up late to check your social media feeds, watch Youtube or catch up with your favorite series - yes, I'm guilty HAHA), the dullness will show.

1400 php

Packaging-wise, I like it better than the old one.  It also comes with a plastic spatula.

What I love about it

- gel-like consistency (it melts and turns like water once applied)
- feels refreshing (with cooling sensation)
- acts a night moisturizer and mask at the same time
- can be used every night
- intensively hydrates the skin
- suitable even for combination skin (for extremely oily skin, I'm not sure, though there's a label "for all skin types")
- makes my skin dewy, never dry and patchy 
- the scent is calming (though this could be an issue for some people who are sensitive to fragrance)
- doesn't break me out
- doesn't make my skin oilier
- I can take my time massaging my face as I apply it
- very lightweight
- slightly sticky as it dries but not greasy
- easily absorbed
- no need to rinse

Seriously, guys.  This is a life-changer.  It deserves a I-don't-know-how-to-live-without-you-anymore speech.  I saw results and significant changes in my skin's elasticity in just a few days.  

It's really good in locking in moisture.  Everytime I use it, it's like my skin's moisture level skyrockets.  I'm just not sure if it really promotes better sleep but that's not really an issue for me.

around 900++ php I think

Next, taking the serious hydration onto the lips.

If you're prone to chappy or cracky lips, this one could be the answer to that problem.

What I love about it

- irrestible scent (smells like candy)
- feels soothing
- very moisturizing
- packaging has a luxurious feel (same with the water sleeping mask)
- gets rid of flakes
- leaves the lips looking plump and juicy

It comes with a (cute) spatula too with a rubber end.  The texture is waxy and it instantly melts as it touches the lips.  It feels oily but I easily got used to it.

Aside from using this as a sleeping mask, you can also apply it during the day whenever you feel that your lips need a little lovin'.  It can act as a typical lip balm to prep the lips especially if you like wearing matte, liquid or cream lipsticks.  One tip though is to wait for like 5 to 10 minutes and wipe it with tissue prior.

When I had a serious lip burn that lasted for like two months, this became my rescue.  An amazing lip salve, indeed!  I prefer it over lip scrub.

These two clearly made it to my list of favorites.  I highly highly recommend both of them.

My only concern, which might be your concern too is the price but considering it's Laneige, I totally understand.  Besides, I'm blown away by the effects and I think the products will last months, so I guess it's a pretty good "splurge".

Oh!  By the way, included in the kit are sample versions too.  Perfect for travelling!

Go and visit Laneige store to personally check these masks out.

Like them on Facebook as well.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. I've been eyeing this product for a long time, one question is this okay for oily skin types?

    1. It's for all skin types. I think it would also suit oily skin because of the gel-ish, watery formula. My skin type is combination, with oily t-zone and from what I've observed, this mask didn't make my skin greasier and I'm really liking the boost of moisture it gives. :D

      Thanks for dropping by!


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