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by - November 11, 2015

Malls and streets (and pretty much everything) are now decked with Christmassy decors.  Are you starting to Christmafy your house too?  Haha!  Good luck on all of your prepping and stuff!

Today's post is not holiday-related.  Well, I'm also thinking of something special to share here on le blog this season.  Maybe a makeup video?  Let me know if you have suggestions.

So, have you ever had an online shopping experience wherein you had to add something to your cart just to qualify for the free shipping?  I asked 'cause I want to know what's your game plan on that.  Mine is to search for something that will equate the minimum purchase balance or to get something that I also need regardless of the amount.

That situation happened when I shopped at Amazon.  I randomly picked this Ecotools baby because I really wanted to add new brushes to my collection and also, the price was perfect for the free shipping thing.

I'm a fan of dual-ended brushes because in my opinion, they are so convenient and functional.  Not to mention, travel-friendly because you won't need too much space.

I also think this Eye Enhancing Duo Set is well-thought-of.  Pretty much everything you need in order to do your eye makeup in just two wands!

What I really like about the brand is the fact that it's pro-environment and eco-conscious.  Their makeup tools are made from bamboo and recycled materials.  Even the packaging!

I also love their "earthy" appearance.  Almost all of my brushes are in black so these two give a nice contrast. Yep, how they look matters to me.  Haha!

They are lightweight but they don't have that cheap look and feel.  They are quite sturdy and even the ferrules seem to have high quality.

The bristles are super soft (I hope you can tell by looking at the photos) and they are in the perfect size and density.

When to use 'em?

Angled Brush
Shaping your brows, lining your eyes and winging it out

A.K.A Ms. Precision, this one works the best when I tightline my eyes.  If you want the perfect arched or the neatest brows, this is your best bet too.  

Blending Brush
Applying eye shadow in general, blending (duh) and contouring your crease or nose

My most abused brush out of the four.

Smudge Brush
Applying or blending eye shadow on the lower lash lines and inner corners, diffusing dark eye shadow colors all over the lids, applying highlighter on the bridge of the nose or on your brow bone 

Medium Eyeshadow Brush
Packing color onto the lids, applying eye shadow in general

It's a basic all-around eyeshadow guy.  Not too flat and a little bit domed so it's nice for blending too.

Overall, I'm really happy with these new brushes of mine.  It deserves a #valueformoney.  Haha!  Actually, I'm using them now more frequent than my ELF ones.  Most of the time, I skip eyeshadow but it's still nice to have an almost complete set because of this duo.  

The only problem I have is the storage.  A very minor one though.  All of my brushes are in a cup so they are all in vertical position.  Since these are dual-ended, I might damage the bristles if I place them that way. 

I've also tried washing them once and using a spot-cleaner spray as well and good thing, I didn't encounter any shedding or distortion to the bristles.

What do you think?

Ecotools and Real Techniques single brushes and sets might come your way next month!  Planning to sell them at a lower price.  Comment down below for your specific requests.  Stay tuned!  

your sweetest drug,

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