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by - November 30, 2015

How was your long weekend?  Mine's pretty productive, surprisingly.  I couldn't believe that I was able to get my ass out of bed and start to work on my to-do list.

I was supposed to publish this review yesterday but our internet connection did not cooperate.  Soooo frustrating!

Anyway, today's featured product has been in my "backup bin" for months until I decided to take it out because I already ran out of face powder.  This baby was included in the loot bag I received when I attended the brand's event back in April.

It's called Smooth Cover Mineral Powder and I got that shade No. 2/Natural Beige which I think is darker than the only other option which is, you guessed it, No. 1/Light Beige.  

From the pan, it doesn't look like the typical "natural beige" powders.  It's obviously lighter but I guess that's just how Japanese brands make it.

The powder is housed in a black sleek packaging and it also comes with a sponge or as they call it, Silky Fit Puff.  However, same with all of the face compacts I've tried, I rarely use it because I prefer a brush.  The applicator is quite good though.  Not the usual, crappy ones.

There's also a built-in sun protection (SPF 32 PA++).

In case you're wondering, that's just an ugly mark on the right side.  I accidentally poured acetone all over it.  Unlucky duckie. :(

Smooth Cover is basically a powder foundation.  It claims to create a natural-looking makeup, add coverage and control oil.

Here's how the actual powder looks like.  It's very finely milled and feels super silky.  There's no artificial fragrance whatsoever too.

What I like about it

- has SPF
- gives light coverage (dark spots are still visible but pores are evenly covered)
- leaves a silky surface
- doesn't break me out
- gives a bit of a highlight so perfect to use on the under eye area
- sets nicely (super matte at first but after a few hours, it would look better)
- keeps the shine at bay for hours

I'm half-hearted about...

- the silica
My skin is okay with that but I'm just concerned about the pore-clogging effect overtime especially if it's in a product that I use almost everyday.  

- the price
If you think of it and use it as powder foundation, then I guess 695 php is not that steep.  However, for a blotting/setting powder, that could be a little pricey considering that it's also a drugstore product.  

left photo: after 4 hours | right photo: after retouching
*with just concealer underneath

- the not-so lightweight formula
I appreciate the light coverage because for not-in-the-mood-to-wear-makeup days, when I only wear concealer, it's perfect.  However, when I have foundation or BB cream on and then, I use this as setting powder, it makes my makeup feel and look heavy (if that makes sense).

- using it at oily t-zone hours
I've noticed that it doesn't apply evenly on a greasy face.  It appears splotchy.

- the shade
Oh yes.  It's 1 to 2 shades lighter.  I know.  It's too obvious because my face doesn't match my neck area without lighting.  It would suit people with fair skin better.

left photo: after 4 hours | right photo: after retouching
*with just concealer underneath

Personally, I really prefer actual face powders which I can use for blotting and setting my makeup rather than foundations in pressed or loose powder form.  Why?  Well, as I've said many many times, I'm not a fan of heavy-looking (unless it's still dewy and glowy), cakey makeup finish.  I totally avoid that kind of look.  It's like there's 1 kilo of foundation on my face.  Ugh.  I don't even want to think about the suffocating skin underneath. 

Sooooo, I guess this powder is just not for me even though I like the oil-control feature.  Too bad.

Anyway, I'm thinking of selling it or giving it away to my cousin (she tried it and she liked it apparently). 

What do you think?

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