Banila in Manila! - Brand Launch, Products to Check Out and More

by - December 13, 2015

If you've been a reader of le blog for a while now, you've probably noticed my love for Korean cosmetics.  Actually, one thing that I want to cross-out in my bucket list is a shopping spree in Myeongdong, South Korea's famous and busiest shopping district.  And once my ultimate trip-to-Korea dream happens, I will surely do a huge haul.

I also want to keep myself updated to Korean makeup trends and new brand or product releases.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because several ones that I've tried really worked well for me, especially skincare.

So when I heard that a new and very familiar Korean brand would open its first store here in the Philippines, I thought that it would be such a delight for all fanatics like me.

Aaaaaand, as a bonus treat, I got invited to their brand launch, held at the Marco Polo Hotel last November 23rd.  So awesome.

But before I share some highlights of the event and the products you MUST check out, here's a short intro about the brand.

Banila Co. is a multi-awarded Korean cosmetics brand and well-known for its base makeup line.  Their concept is "lift from within" look, a popular beauty trend which basically means dewy and luminous.  And to achieve that perfect naturally-glowing-skin effect, the brand offers four essential, highly-raved-about products you'd need - cleanser, primer, CC cream and CC cushion.

Mr. Chang Soo Kim, Banila Co.'s CEO did the opening remarks and introduced the brand and Sam Oh did the translation.

At the registration area, they gave us this card with the instructions on how to join their Instagram game.

As you can see, almost everything was in pink and white to reflect the brand.  I love the set up booths at the back and also, the doll-box-like photo area!  Major props to the team!

Their Chief Makeup Artist, Mr. Kang Pil Kim did a demo on two makeup looks and gave us tips as well.

Ready to take a closer look at their products?  And what better way to do that than starting with the Top 10!

If it's your first time trying out the brand, I recommend checking out these ones first.  Gladly, their top 10 list consists of a good mix of makeup and skin care items.

I'm not sure about the exact name of the eyeshadow palette but I think it's from their Love Tinted collection.

Out of this bunch, probably the most familiar one for you is the guy at the center - Clean It Zero.

Quick fun fact.  It was rated the BEST cleansing balm in Get It Beauty (a popular TV show in Korea that discusses beauty trends and tips) Blind Test, a segment where various international and Korean skincare and makeup products with different price points are tested by the audience "blindly".

875 php

This Banila Co. cleanser is unbelievably popular.  In fact, one jar is being sold every 5 seconds!

It also comes in 3 other variants (1055 php each).

I know I haven't actually tested these guys myself, but with what I saw on the demo and the swatch I made (scroll down for the photo), I can already tell you that this is one hell of a badass eyeliner!

I really want to buy the black one!

1195 php for the tube and 1680 for the cushion which comes with a 15g refill (770 php)

It Radiant CC Cream  has been a bestselling item in Korea ever since it came out.  It's the first and only water-based CC cream in the market and it also comes in a cushion type.

Check out their other cushions below.

 White Wedding Dream CC Cushion - 1680 php
VV Bouncing Cushion - 1825 php with 15g refill
Cover 10 Perfect Cushion - 1825 php with 15g refill

675 php

Their Fall collection called Fall in Seoul is also available here in Manila.

These are the two Kiss Collector (nice name *wink) Moisture lipsticks in Garosu Pink and Hongdae Nude.  Both have satin finish (swatch below).

1680 php

I posted this baby on Instagram.  It's the cushion included in Fall in Seoul line.  The packaging design is so chic!

Next, here's the swatch of It Shiny Shimmer Base.

They also have a lip tint line called Tinted Love which includes Glow Tint (575 php | 5 shades), Melting Balm (455 php | 10 shades) and Water Tint (480 php | 3 shades).  Everything is packaged prettily.

I think I need to get one or two of these tints for my collection!

This is how the tinted lip balm looks like.  

Take a full look on their Fall collection.  Soooooooooo pretty!

Triple Wonder Auto Gel Eyeliner Kit (Black, Brown, Navy Blue and White)- 1155 php
Eyeshadow Palette from L-R (Garosu, Hongdae, Bukchon) - 1440 php
 Fitting Mascara Curling & Volume - 720 php
The Kissest Lip Lacquer (3 shades) - 675 php
Tomorrow Twin Nail Polish (total of 6 shades) - 290 php

I don't have photos of the other items in the top 10 list but let me do a quick mention.

Hydrogel Mask - 240 php (960 php for 5 pcs)
CC Cream in tube - 1195 php

The Dream Cream is the best-selling product from their White Wedding line.   

Their Prime Primer line, which consists of different variants is also raved about by beauty enthusiasts.

Here's the price list.

Prime Primer Finish Powder - 1060 php
 Prime Primer Hydrating Balm - 1150 php
Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder - 1050 php
Prime Primer Makeup Fixer Finish & Fix - 865 php
Prime Primer Photo Layer Powder (Naked Peach & Pale Pink) - 1150 php

Another interesting product I saw there is the 3D Brow Cushion.  Yep.  Brow products are also being turned into cushions now.  Haha!

The Kiss Collector comes in crayon type too!  They have matte finish and long-lasting formula.

From L-R: 
Kiss Collector Moisture lipsticks in Hongdae Nude and Garosu Pink
Some Fall in Seoul Eyeshadow swatches
Kiss Collector Lip Crayon Stain
Fall in Seoul The Kissest Lip Lacquer in Satin Fit Hongdae Pink
Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner in Black and Brown

Can you guess which ones stayed on the longest?

So after a long day, here's how they looked like.  I can't remember how many times I washed my hands that time.  

I told you.  The liners are fierce.  They're not afraid of soap and water. 

The Fall in Seoul collection is inspired by the city's hot spots with each variant reflecting the character of the three areas - Hongdae, Garosu and Bukchon.

They set up photo booths for each concept.  How cool is that?!

Oh!  Quick #ootd!

I also tried a gradient lip look using a cushion as lip concealer, a lip crayon as the main color and a lightly tinted lip balm.

Here's how it turned out.

I intensified the color on the inner parts to make the transition more noticeable.

I saw a lot of bloggers but I was too shy to ask for a photo.  They were also kinda busy taking photos for their blog and mingling with their blogger friends anyways.  That's fine.  Maybe next time. 

The only one I got is this.  At least it's with no other than, Banila Co. Chief Makeup Artist, Kim Kang Pil-nim.  Hihi!  Kamsahamnida!

One of my favorite things about Banila Co. is the fact that they have Song Ji Hyo as their muse!  She's one of my fave K-celebs.  I mean, well, who doesn't like our Ace???  Haha!

They also created a lip tint named after her.

That's it!  Sorry for the lengthy post.  :)

Thank you soooooooo much again, Banila Co. PH team and Ms. Marcie for inviting me and for letting me try a few of the brand's best-selling products!!!

Stay tuned for my November haul video if you want to see what's inside the bag. :)

As usual, I'll do a review of each and probably a demo as well.

You can find the shop in Glorietta 4.

Like them on Facebook too!  #PHLovesBanilaCo

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Ooh! So curious about all these products from Banila!

  2. My, my! So this is Banila, looking good with the makeup btw!
    I do hope the top makeup artists in the Philippines has these in their arsenal.

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