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by - December 04, 2015

Have you ever been torn about a product?  You know, how you tried to love it but you just couldn't even if you wanted to actually love it?  If that makes sense.  Haha!  Sorry to confuse you.  That could have sounded better.  :P

Anyway, I said that because that perfectly describes today's featured skincare item.

If you've watched my September haul video (if not, click here), you probably have an idea what I'm talking about.

Sunscreen is a must-have, essential thing for me and surely, for most people too.  I always feel guilty whenever I let my skin be exposed to Mr. Sun without any layer of protection.  So, the time I ran out of it, I immediately restocked.

Bioré was the first brand that I thought of so I guessed it's also a perfect time to try their products.

For those who are not familiar with it yet, it's a drugstore brand which originated from Japan, well-known for its sunscreens and makeup removers.

There were a bunch of variants to choose from but I picked UV Perfect Milk.  No particular reasons though.  Or no, maybe it's because of the "milk" word.  Haha!

There's a whopping SPF 50 in the formula (well, all of its sisters have that) and it's also water and sweat-resistant.

I got it for 395 php - 40ml.

The packaging is well-made.  No messy applications.  Even though the plastic tube is just dropper-like/tip-ended, it still dispenses a right amount of product neatly.

It's a kind of liquid product that you need to shake first before using.  There seems to be a solid thing inside it that makes some noise.  I think it's there to mix the product better.  

The consistency is runny, it can almost convince people that it's indeed milk.  Maybe if I see it from a distance and if I don't know that it's a sunscreen, I would actually think that it's something that I can drink  Haha!

What I love about it

- it's a below-500 php sunscreen
- for face and body
- sun protection is at max 
- packaging and application
- super lightweight formula (you won't feel a thing)
- doesn't leave a strong, typical sunblock scent
- makes the skin super smooth
- shine-free (almost matte)
- non-sticky (its best feature)
- spreads easily on skin
- doesn't create a white cast
- doesn't mess up makeup
- dries fast
- no tingling sensation

See?  I have a lot of reasons to love this sunscreen!  Unfortunately, these could still not change the fact that my skin gets irritated whenever I use it.

As I've mentioned in my haul video, I got tiny, weird bumps all over my face especially around the forehead.  I have no idea why and what's in the product that might have caused that.  Maybe the formula is too strong for me?  I don't know.

To be clear, I don't have sensitive skin.  Whenever my skin reacts that way, I know for sure that the product I'm using is not suitable for me.  Those ugly bumps are my indicators.

I also can't agree yet on the water and sweat-proof thing because I haven't used it for any sports or even for swimming.

And a watch-out too for those who hate silica, talc and alcohol, check out the ingredient list!

So, yea.  Too bad.  I gave it a second chance, third even!  However, result was still the same.  Perhaps, I'll just use it on my body or sell it to those who are interested to try Bioré sunscreens.

Oh!  Before I end this post, I just want to clear up to you guys that even if it didn't work for me, that does not mean that UV Perfect Milk would totally not work for you too.  If you have used any similar products before, it might be a good one to try as well.

What do you think?

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