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by - January 24, 2016

Burp Guide is back!  It's been forever since the last one.

Anyway, I've tried a few new restaurants recently including this one but I just didn't feel like doing a post about them.  I thought that uploading some food photos via Instagram would do but I guess bringing this series back to life is a better idea.

So, here you go.

For those who are looking for a unique, fun kind of dining experience and if you love Japanese food, you should try Genki Sushi the next time you drop by BGC.

It's located at BGC Stopover, a new go-to place for foodies and for those who work mid or late night shifts.

When Kris and I heard about Genki, we were so eager to check it out because first, we're both huge fans of sushi, especially the salmon ones.  Second, the price point is okay and third, the way they serve their food is so cool!

It's not a typical sushi bar where there's like a conveyor belt.  It's modernized and made more awesome. #aliw

The booths which can accommodate 4-6 people max are lined up and for each row, there's a railway kind of mechanism.

Each booth has a tablet installed and you use that to place your order and as menu as well (yea, it's automated like that).

Your bill's running total is also viewable from their app.  How convenient!

No need to call the staff except when you need water or extra sauce or wasabi.  The utensils are also already available on the table.

So you basically just have to sit, order, wait and eat.

There's a hot water faucet a the side of the table and that's for the matcha tea.  Perfect.

Be careful though coz it's really hot!

The cheapest ones in the menu cost 60 php but there are only 9 choices while the 80 php category has a variety of options.  The most expensive items are priced at 250 php.

They also serve donburi meals or rice toppings.

We ordered a few because it was around 4 in the afternoon when we ate there and we didn't want to have an early dinner.

Our favorite pick is Genki salmon roll (bottom-left, I think that's the name).  Next to that is the Spicy Salmon (upper-left).

The katsudon we ordered was nice too!

We could really tell that the ingredients used were fresh but overall, it's comparable to the ones being mass-produced and served in buffets around the metro - for at least the ones we tasted.

Maybe the other fancier variants are better?

But I'm not saying that these were not delicious.  They're yummy and for the price, you'd really appreciate them.

You would not complain about their sizes either.

Here's our bill for 4 plates and 1 bowl.

I also prepared a video for you guys.

So that's it!

It's nice to know that there's a place for a "quick sushi fix".  Haha!

On a normal day, I can't say that this would be our best bet but generally speaking, it's still worth a try.  

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

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