Skin Care 101 - The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foams

by - January 20, 2016

Since this is a skincare post, let me do a quick update on how my skin has been doing for the past couple of weeks.

I'm 95% clear!  No more spotty chin!

I cannot believe I didn't get new pimples in the past month and a half even during shark weeks.  Now I do have 3 very tiny ones but I don't expect them to turn into a beast.  Haha!  I think my current skincare routine is working and the products I'm using are cooperating well with each other.  Plus, I've been drinking more water and I've been working out (almost) regularly.

Some bad news though.

First, my pores have been wild lately.  Second, new milias popped up on my nose.  Pft.  I've noticed this after I stopped using Mario Badescu's glycolic products.  So I guess, those two guys were really doing a good job at fighting oil clogs.

Nevertheless, I'm happy that my skin's happy.

So, two skincare items I use as of the moment are these cleansing foams by The Face Shop called Herb Day 365 in Lemon and Aloe.

I bought 2 because there's a BOGO promo at that time and I got these at 225 php.  Such a nice deal!

There are also other variants such as Peach, Acerola (cherry), Spearmint and Mung Beans but not all of them are available locally.

Differences of the two are very minimal both appearance-wise and formula-wise.

I use them alternately but I grab Lemon a lot more frequently.  They are practically the same but I like the yellow guy a tad bit more.

They both lather really nice.  The scent is also not strong, just a hint of citrus and aloe vera.

After washing my face and wiping it with a towel, I could feel a slight tightening effect.  Not botox-tight though!  It makes the skin feeling squeaky-clean and whenever I apply toner with a cotton pad, the color doesn't scare me.  A very minimal amount of dirt or makeup is left.

Like I said, they are pretty much similar except for the key ingredient used (obviously), slight color and fragrance.  And overall, I find them as good and affordable cleansers.  One tube might last up to 3 months even if you use it twice a day because you'd only need a pea-size amount to get a rich lather.

However, if I want a facial wash that can do something else aside from just cleaning my face, say brighten the complexion or retain moisture, I won't get these.

Why I said that?

I haven't noticed any result so I'm not sure if the lemon and aloe vera extracts are working (but it could be different for somebody else).

No biggie though if you want to give these babies a shot because they're not pricey.  Besides, if cleansing foams are your preference, this could work on you.

What do you think?

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the actual product.  Go check out my October haul video if you're interested to see it.

your sweetest drug,

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