Makeup Video - Brow Routine | Shaping, Grooming and Filling In

by - February 22, 2016

For me, having well-groomed, filled in brows makes a world of a difference.

You can wear the most beautiful eye makeup or the fiercest eyeliner, but if you don't frame your face and skip the brows, you'll look uhm, let's just say, weird.  Your makeup would be incomplete.

Conversely, even if you have zero eye makeup on but you have nicely done brows, you'd still look so put together.

However, this whole brow thing tends to be quite intimidating for some, especially for those who are just starting to learn makeup and for the low-maintenance, I-don't-have-time-for-that kind of ladies.  So, to encourage you a bit, let me show you how I shape, groom and fill 'em in.

I know.  This is definitely not the perfect, strongest brow game out there but if you're a beginner or if you're someone who doesn't know yet what to do with her brows, this might help.

Like I said before, I prefer natural-looking, full and straight brows.  I don't dig too-drawn-on brows so this routine works for me.

Well, I also consider myself lucky because they are not too thin, too sparse and too wild.  Haha!

As for the grooming part, I haven't experienced plucking, threading or even waxing.  I've always been a fan of the most painless method - shaving.  

Take note that this is clearly not professional makeup artist levels.  I just explored different ways and products (from powder to crayons, then tints), practiced and got used to it.  The latest trick I learned was trimming.  I love how it makes everything neater.

I also mentioned in the video that I don't normally use two brow crayons.  If I'm not satisfied with the darkness/intensity, I shade some more using a darker pencil.  I don't apply brow mascara on a daily basis as well.  On lazy days, I just grab one brow product and a spoolie and that's it! 

So I hope this video helped a little.  Don't give up on your #browgoals!  You can do it!

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While editing the video, I realized that there are some uneven areas after applying the brow tint.  Hihi.  Sorry 'bout that!

Brow Products I'm Currently Using

Razor and scissors from Watson's

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