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by - March 31, 2016

I was planning to post something else today, but I figured here's one that I could not anymore postpone.  I already talked about this on my latest haul anyway so why delay it further, right?  Haha!

So last month, I attended Michelle Dy's 2nd Meet & Greet.  In case you don't know her yet, she's a famous (my favorite) Pinay beauty guru on Youtube and the only beauty creator from the Philippines who's a part of Icon Asia Network.

I discovered her channel early last year I believe, though I can't remember what video was the first one that I watched.  

I really like the way she creates her videos, her bubbly personality and of course, the makeup looks she do.

We were given these upon registration.  

Snacks!  Though I didn't get to taste any aside from the iced tea.  :D

I arrived late but good thing, there's still one empty row at the back.

Here's my #motd.

This is Ms. Jheorge, Michelle's close friend and manager.  I love her hair!

Ignore my ugly tempered glass.

Shopee, Monte, Enhance Cosmetics, Pure Beauty and Beauty Bask were just a few of her event sponsors.  They gave a quick talk and giveaways as well.

Look!  It's like every makeup lover's dream cake!

The event was held a week before Michelle's birthday so they also surprised her.

I was a bit bummed because this is the only picture I have with her.  And it's blurred.  Good.  

After the program, everyone lined up for a quick selfie but I didn't want to keep hungry-Kris waiting so we just left.  That's fine though because the important thing is that, I saw her in person and up-close.  

She's in the sea of "angels".

Michelle also did a collaboration with Enhance Cosmetics and they came up with a gorgeous palette.

Quick picture with the bear patiently waiting outside.

She just looks so happy.

And here's the freebie that I got!

I didn't win any from the Bring Me game but I was super happy when they announced my name when they were picking out the winner for the free hair makeover prize with Michelle.  Too bad, I didn't hear back from them.  Chance na rin sana makapagpa-picture with her!

Congrats again to the organizers and of course, to Michelle Dy for a very successful event!  Thank you!  Hopefully, I can attend the 3rd one.

For sure, she'll continue to inspire us all and encourage us to never stop.  

I also want to share this.

Our dreams might not happen as fast as how it happened to others but that should not keep us from chasing them.

your sweetest drug,

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