Geolica Lady Color Contact Lens in Pearl Grey

by - May 21, 2016

I almost forgot how blogging feels like.  Before, I can squeeze in a draft post after my shift but now, ugh, it's just impossible.  I really feel bad about me not being able to sit down and edit videos or write a review.

Anyway, there's no room for remorse.  I'll just try my best to get back on track and keep le blog alive and slaying.  Haha!

For today, I'm featuring my contact lens from Geolica.  The last pair that I have actually.

watermark here is the old one because I reused the photos

The color is called Pearl Grey but it's more blue than gray.  I checked the Lady Collection and I have a feeling this is Cobalt Blue.  Maybe the box got switched?

This lens is 14.2 in diameter.  It's different from circle lenses and it doesn't have a doll-eye effect as well.

Check out these photos.

artificial lighting

natural lighting

Overall, I love how it really accentuates the eyes and for me, the pattern is unique.  However, it's not a pair I would wear daily because well, it's blue and I don't think I would be in the mood to rock blue eyes on a normal day.  

Although, I'd like to pop these when I sport a not-so-everyday kind of makeup look and of course, on special occasions when I just have to put my glasses aside.  

What do you think?

Visit Geolica's website to browse for their products and to know their store locations.

your sweetest drug,

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