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by - May 15, 2016

So a couple of months back, I went a little crazy on brow makeup shopping.  I got to collect 4 brow products and that's new guys.  That's new.

Normally, I would buy new makeup (except lipstick or tints) only when I'm running low of the current ones I'm using.  Well, these were on sale and kind of an impulse buy.  Haha!  I got these two on a BOGO promo.

I believe most Korean brands have the best brow products.  Plus, they're not so expensive and the formula is usually long-lasting.

The first one I picked up is called Style My Eyebrow, an old yet best-selling product by The Face Shop from their Lovely Me Ex line.

It's a typical brow pencil which you need to sharpen.

Next is Designing Eyebrow pencil, a somewhat new TFS brow product.  It's basically a brow wiz which has a retractable crayon and a spoolie on the other end.

It has a slanted-cut which I would normally prefer because I find that it's easier to draw a straight line if that's the shape of your brow pencil.

Their shade is both called Brown but on the swatch, there's a slight difference in terms of intensity.

I like Style My Brow's color a little bit more than the other one.  However, when applied on the brows, they are pretty much similar.

They both glide on very smoothly.  No patchiness whatsoever.  No need to drag or apply too much pressure unless the area is very very dry.  If that's the case though, a primer would help.

They nicely fill in the brows too.

If you want more precision on the outlines, you may need to clean up using a brush and concealer.

Designing Eyebrow

On the lasting-power, I'd say both of them last even after the area gets oily.  I use them almost everyday and even under intense heat, I don't have to worry about le brows.

Until you really rub them off, they won't budge.  Sometimes when I do touch ups and apply powder, I hit the area in between the brows so the color there fades just a little bit.

I'm not sure if they are still selling Style My Eyebrow pencils locally but the regular price is 125 php.  Designing Eyebrow pencils are at 225 php.  Since there's a promo when I bought these, I only paid for the higher priced item.

So that's 112.50 per item.  So.  Much.  Win.

Style My Brow

I really have nothing bad to say about these brow pencils.  They're both great and I highly recommend them.  They are easy to use regardless of what your brow-game level is.  Haha!

Designing Eyebrow

Also, I'd like to mention that they haven't snapped yet.  No wasted product so far!

I love them both but I grab the brow wiz more frequently than the pencil only because it has the spoolie already.  However, formula-wise or color-wise, I'd use either of them.

What do you think?  

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