Nature Republic Mall of Asia Store Opening

by - May 07, 2016

I was super lucky to got invited to Nature Republic's store opening in Mall of Asia.  It was a weekday and the only time I could go was before my shift.  So even though it was a challenge for me to wake up a little earlier than usual, I managed to get my ass of my bed - for the love of Korean cosmetics!  Haha!

This post is loaded with pictures of their products.  Some of the prices are also in here for your reference in case you're interested to try some of these but too shy to go inside the store and ask.  #GanonAko :)

But before you scroll down, let me talk about the brand first.

As the name implies, Nature Republic is dedicated to create makeup and skincare that are made of key ingredients found in land and sea.  Their packaging even has an environment-friendly touch, which I'm pretty sure Mother Earth could be happy about.

They have branches all over Asia and even in US.  Here in the Philippines, you can find them in almost every mall.

Green cupcakes!

Of course, I didn't forget to wear green to match the "nature" theme of the brand.

Feeling giddy because I was on shopping mode.  Yay!

Here are their best-selling products.  If you haven't tried anything from them yet, I suggest go for the most "sulit" one, the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

They also have a good selection of  beauty tools from brushes to sponges and many more.

Is that Taeyon?

I've already included their hair products in my what-to-try-next list.

For sure, my hair would appreciate the goodness of olive and argan.

I spotted styling wax and a variety of cosmetics for men as well.

I didn't know that they have an entire line of Aloe Vera products for face and body.

I want to try the mist because it could be handy specially this summer season.  

For those heavy users of facial towelettes, here's a nice deal!  

I'm already using this and so far, I can say that it's really impressive.

Have an upcoming beach trip?  Try their waterproof sunblock!  

Too bad, I wasn't able to check the tester to see if it's sticky and if it has a strong sunscreen scent. 

Just when I thought snail slime is the weirdest skincare trend...

Bee Venom is suitable for troubled skin and acne-prone skin.

How about deep see water for your moisturizer?

There are 3 variants of Super Aqua Max Water Cream.

1) Pink for extra extra dry skin
2) Green for combination skin
3) Blue for oily skin

Cute hand creams for Exo fans!

I'm hoping they would put these facial cleansers on promo!

I had to regain my composure after seeing this corner!  Mask galore!

You can get 20 masks for a discounted price.  One box for one year!

Let's paint the town green, shall we?

Now, let's move on to makeup.

I didn't see a foundation cushion but I found this baby.  It's a CC cream.

Blushes and face powders for all skin tones.

More makeup bases!

Next to the facial mask sheet corner, this is my favorite too!

Of course, swatches are a must!

Nice color selection for their single eye shadows.

I'm also curious about their brow products.  Once I run out of brow mascara, I'll drop by NR store again to check those out.

And here's the most exciting part of that day - the shopping!

We were given 1000 GC to use but as expected, I went a little over than that.

Here are some of the products I got.

Plus, I got two loot bags full of goodies which I'm gonna show you on my next haul video.  So stay tuned!

Again, thank you so much, Nature Republic for having me!  Good luck on your newest store!

How about you?  What's your favorite product from this brand?  Or if you haven't tried anything yet, what do you want to check out?

Btw, they have an ongoing sale.  From May 7 to 15, you can get up to 15% off storewide!  Like Nature Republic Philippines on Facebook for more info.

your sweetest drug,

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