SkinWhite U Spark 2016 + First Impression on Classic Whitening Products

by - May 22, 2016

SkinWhite's U Spark event brought back some memories during my college days.  Good and bad.

Yes, I had my fair share of negative experiences but despite of that, I strongly feel that having a support system helped a lot.  I'm really grateful to have my girlfriends beside me, who have been a great source of positivity from school days to office days.

I think bullying, shaming, and gossiping have become more rampant compared before.  Actually, it doesn't happen only in campuses.  Surely, a lot of us have been a victim be it in the office or more so in social media platforms.

Good thing SkinWhite, as the market leader that stands for bright beautiful possibilities believes that it’s time to take a stand against negativity.  I admire such brands who not only promotes their products but also, campaigns for a good cause.

They picked 6 ambassadors from different universities who are all very active in spreading this advocacy.  They are Martina Reyes, Sabine Dualan, Bea Alcañeses, Crisselle Asuncion, Allysza Marasigan and Klaire Ellise Dulay.

Ms. Marianne Mencias, author of What's Your Life's Masterpiece talked about self-empowerment and following one's passion.

They also introduced the new and improved Classic Whitening Lotion.  It now has Light-Feel Technology, which promises non-heavy, not-at-all sticky lotion feel.

After the event, I received my U Spark pack which contains SkinWhite's products from their Classic line.

Nike Bear wrecked the packaging :(

Let's take a closer look at each one, shall we?

This whitening lotion has a built-in SPF and comes in different sizes as well.  SPF 10 has a powdery scent while SPF 20 has a fruity fragrance.

I gotta admit.  They're not lying when they said that this is fast-absorbing and non-icky.

It has a watery consistency, which makes it runny so be careful and don't squeeze the bottle too hard.  It also has a cooling effect, which I love because it's perfect this summer season.

Need not worry about the stickiness as well because this is indeed lightweight and almost feels like you just applied water on skin.  Amazing!

And since it's packed with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E, it intensively hydrates without the annoying greasy-feel.

My only gripe is the strong fragrance that it leaves but I think for someone like me who's not a perfume-person, that would come handy.

They recommend to use the lotion with the whitening soap.  And yes, that's what I'm gonna do!

This has a shower-fresh scent, which I prefer over the powdery fragrance that the lotion has.

This comes in 3 sizes.

The formula has RENEWhite3C and Synchronized Whitening Technology that would give you fairer skin and of course, Vitamins B5 and E for moisture.

Now this one's interesting.  Aside from overall skin whitening, I know a lot of us are also concerned about having a fairer underarm.

The label says it has a powdery scent but actually it's kinda different with the lotion's fragrance.

Lastly, the whitening face cream.

If you're a few shades away from your ideal fairer skin tone, then this one might help you get there faster.

It's basically a multi-purpose cream and I like to think of it as a CC cream.  It can be used as a face base or as a moisturizer and because it has a built-in SPF, rest assured you're also protected from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun.

I recommend it to those who are not fond of putting on layers and layers of skincare especially during daytime.

I just love how it leaves the skin feeling supple.

That's it!

I'll definitely let you guys know more about the effects of these products maybe like after a month or two.  How about a before-and-after photo?

Have you tried any from this bunch?  What did you like most?

So remember girls, we can be brighter together!  Let that inner light of positivity in you sparkle!

What do you think?

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