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Keeping this series is a one big question mark for me.  I admit, I'm not really good at doing food-related reviews as my choice of taste is not too complicated and particular.  So generally, I would say "yea, it's okay".  Haha!

Anyway, right now my sleepy head says "let's still do it".  Might as well keep the posts going and sometimes, I think it's also good to throw in different content once in a while.

So today's featured restaurant is Ooma, a casual Japanese rice bar located in SM Megamall.

We've eaten here twice already and the reason we came back was because Kris really liked the idea of unlimited rice.  Who doesn't, right?

This resto serves Japanese classics such as donburis, sushi rolls and some appetizers.  The menu is not as complete compared with others but the variety is still good.

They have an open kitchen and the ambiance of the place has a unique touch.  The place is not that spacious but it still can accommodate many groups.

There's also something special about their sushi rolls.  Well, maybe I said that because the names sound kinda different (and they are pricier) than the usual ones.  Haha!

I forgot the name of this but I still can remember how good it tasted.

Next, chicken teriyaki.

Every meal comes with a small serving of salad with Asian dressing on the side and of course, the eat-all-you-can rice.

Nothing special about this dish but what I can say is that the chicken was cooked very nicely.

Next, beef gyudon!  Our favorite.

This one's in our top Japanese comfort food list.

The sauce was perfect - not too sweet.

And recently, we tried their version of katsudon.

Recommended too!

I think I also need to mention that they only serve the oh-so-good Japanese steamed rice.  Yum!

So there.

I guess we might do a third visit.  I just don't know when but we're always game for Japanese food so maybe anytime soon.  Haha!

What do you think?

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What do you think?