Ichi-san in Japan Part 1

by - July 05, 2016

Travel videos are easier to edit than the haul ones so here you go.

First part is now up!

Actually, I don't know how many more I would be able to create out of the video clips that I have.  Maybe 2 more?  Not really sure.  Thing is, I don't want to make it more than 10 minutes long so we'll see.

Click this link to start watching now!

As usual, sharing some photos and stories here on le blog.

My flight and everything about it went smoothly.  The plane food was okay and there's no delay as well.  Plus, I loved that the seat beside me wasn't occupied.  More space!

I had no idea what Kansai Airport looks like and my plan was to just "go with the flow".  Where people went, I went.  Haha!

From the 2nd floor South Wing, I took the mini-train going to the main building.  From there, I had to line up for more than an hour at the immigration.  Pft.  Maybe there was another plane that landed that's why there were a lot of people at that time.  

After passing that gate, I got my bags and passed through customs.

I had troubles finding the ticket vending machines and maybe I had a brain-fart moment for a second that's why I didn't thought that it's located outside and in front of the bus stop.

Terminal 6 is for Kobe Sannomiya and Rokko Island (Sheraton Hotel).  All buses for Rokko will pass Sannomiya but not all Sannomiya buses will pass Rokko so take note of that or else, you'd experience an embarassing situation like I did.  Haha!

You can check out the schedule and other info here.

View from our room!

We tried a restaurant in Daimaru building.  Yummy chubby patty!

Raw food!

The next day, I had to grab dinner from a convenience store.  Konbinis in Japan are the best!

From a very simple (and instant) food to this plate!

So that's all for now.  I really miss the place, the people, the food, the endless walking and a lot more.  Maybe I need to create a list!  Haha!

Please stay tuned for the next installment!

Btw, I'm also thinking about finishing a haul video first before part 2.  What do you think?


I forgot to mention so adding this here.  Haha!  I stayed at Hotel Monterey.  Location is great because it's near Osaka, Hanshin, Umeda station.

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