Collective Haul - Japan Shopping, Drugstore Makeup and More

by - October 30, 2016

Finally!  Here's another beauty haul featuring the makeup items I bought in Japan and a couple of drugstore cosmetics as well.

After this one, I need to film again to share with you my latest loot. Hopefully, I can finish that this November.  I actually doubt it because I also need to work on two other videos but should still try.  Let's hustle!

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Here's a closer look at the products.

Japanese Makeup

I'm already using the eyeliner and I'm loving it!  It's not as long-lasting as I expected but I'm still obsessed.

Another one I'm liking from this bunch is the blush and my least favorite so far is the concealer.

Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

This continuously transforms my bleached hair.  I swear guys, this works.  It's a must have if you want to achieve that granny, silver hair or super ashy brown hair.

Affordable Drugstore BB Creams

Stay tuned for the full review and comparison!  So far, I'm really loving the one from L.A Girl.  

Have you tried any of these?  

L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Dreamy

My goal is to collect liquid lipsticks so I also had to pick this one up when I purchased the BB cream from L.A. Girl.  I'm actually having mixed feelings about it and I'll talk more about it on a separate post.

Korean Cosmetics

I'm taking back what I said in the video about the lip tint.  After using it a few more times, I saw the pigment so it could possibly be one of my favorites!  

Here's where I bought it -  

So that's it!

I think the next haul video will be long also because so far, I already have at least 10 products to share.  Haha!

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your sweetest drug,

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