Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Blush in Between The Sheets

by - October 22, 2016

So yea.  Here comes my first Colourpop baby.  You might be surprised why it's not a liquid lipstick or lippie stix.  Don't worry.  They will come later here on le blog.

I've been buying from the brand for many times now and for those who don't know yet, my purpose is to sell them.  Whatever's left, I'll put in my makeup drawer.  Haha!

Lip products are always the ones that sell out fast.  One time, this baby called my name when it's the last cheek product remaining.  Then, I was like, "come to mommy".

First things first, I'm not really into blushes.  I can totally skip it because I oftentimes feel like I don't need it.

However, there are makeup looks that kind of require them so I still like to keep one in my stash.  Also, sometimes when you don't feel like wearing a bold or bright lippie, dusting on blush on the cheeks is a great alternative to make your face look more awake.

Mine is in the shade Between the Sheets.  Colourpop website describes it as:

a mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish

It retails for 8 usd, same price as with the highlighters.  

I think this color suits every skin tone.  I love it because it is not too much on the pink side.  It has hints of mauve which makes it perfect for all kinds of makeup looks.

Pigmentation-wise, this baby got you covered.  It is not the intense type of color payoff though.  It is soft and buildable.

Now, here's my dilemma.  

I'm having a hard time applying it evenly using my Real Techniques buffing brush and contour brush.  They said the it is best to use a synthetic type or just the fingers but I think the latter won't be easy as well.

I swear I put enough here but the lighting is just too bright so the blush looks a bit muted.

If you touch it from the pot, you could tell that it's not 100% powder.  It feels moist and I think that makes it cling onto the skin even better.  

Even if I rub the swatch on my hand several times, it wouldn't come off.  On the cheeks though, it lasts for hours on me.  Good enough for my oily skin but I would still need to re-apply.

I really think I would make a good use out of this blush.  

What do you think?  Do you have a Colourpop blush too?  Which shade?

your sweetest drug,

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