Hair Bleaching and Coloring at Home

by - November 27, 2016

One week before my China trip, I decided to retouch my hair color.  I could just go back to the salon (hey, Edgar!) but I saw a product from Tony Moly and I thought why not try the whole process at home.

At first, I was really hesitant because everything could go wrong in an instant.  It's extra risky because it's also my first time use bleach myself.  Anyway, I still gave it a shot.

I also bought a coloring kit from L'Oreal in the shade Golden Auburn to darken my hair a bit.  The highlights were too striking for me back then so I wanted to tone them down.

I read somewhere that Coconut Oil would help lessen the bad effects of bleaching so I also picked up this one from Hair Treats.

Prep Time...

I coated my hair first with the coconut oil and then, prepared the bleach mixture.  I bought two boxes because of the length of my hair.

Around 175 php per box

The scent is really strong so you might want to cover your nose while you do the mixing.  


I didn't encounter any irritation but there's a slight itch on the scalp.  It's nothing serious though.  

The longer it's on your head, the better results you'd get.  

Here's how it turned out.  It really lightened the strands.

Time to color...

After washing my hair with shampoo, I started preparing for the next step. 

The box contains:
  • Protective Pre-Color Serum
  • Protective Cream Colorant
  • Cream Developer
  • Protective Conditioner

I applied the serum first all over and then put the colorant into the plastic bottle.  I gave it a good shake, freaked out a bit because I was thinking that it would blow up and then, start brushing it into my hair.

I actually regret not letting it stay longer.  I was so sleepy so I rushed and rinsed it off immediately.

Nevertheless, I still loved how it turned out.  My hair definitely became darker but as expected, the color became lighter after a few weeks.

Here's the transformation of the color prior my own coloring up to present day.


The bleached parts have become too light because of purple shampoo but I still use it once a week to maintain my current hair color.

1 week after

Since I'm not a pro, the bleaching thing got too concentrated on some parts.  Haha!  Kris actually helped me apply it so I could imagine how harder it would be if I did it all by myself.  

On some lighting, it appears like this which I think is close to the color shown on the box.

399 php

Another product I use to maintain the color is Palmolive Vibrant Color shampoo.  

After one month...

My hair looks less brassy now, thanks to the coloring kit by L'Oreal, the Palmolive shampoo and of course, the purple shampoo.  I can also see hints of rose gold color.  I'm in love! :D

Finally, here's the most recent photo.  

I'm so happy that it didn't become a disaster.  Yay!  :)

What do you think?  Have you also tried bleaching or hair coloring at home?

your sweetest drug,

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