All I Wanna Do by Jay Park feat. Loco & Hoody x 1Million | Dance Cover

by - December 13, 2016

Okaaaaay.  I know this is totally unrelated to my usual posts but hey, it's always worthwhile to try new things, right?  Not the bad stuff though.  We don't want that.  Haha!

Anyway, for a little entertainment, here's one video for you!

Click here to start watching!

This has been my favorite ever since that first-press-play moment.  It's so catchy and a perfect mood booster!  

Jay Park released the English version even before the actual album debut.  Go and check it out on Spotify!  I promise you, hip-hop and R&B fans, you'll love it!

So he collaborated with 1Million for the music video and when I first watched it, I got so eager to learn the choreography.  And yea, instead of doing some core workout when I get home from work, I did cardio.  Haha!  

I learned a new dance routine and the best part is that, I had fun!  And oh, it's a Jay Park song too!  

Hope you like it!  :D

your sweetest drug,

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