by - December 20, 2016

We spotted this restaurant not long ago in one of our go-to malls and we decided to check it out.  From the outside, the ambiance seemed interesting and it really looked inviting.

We didn't get the theme at first because when we first saw the menu, we noticed that they're serving all sorts of dishes, from pasta and pizza to steak and burger.  They even have sushi rolls!

On my first visit, I was with my friends then, I dragged Kris because I wanted him to try the steak.

They are located beside Trinoma chapel - garden side.

You can mix two flavors for your pizza.  I think the left side was Philly Cheese Steak.  The other half, I can't remember.  Haha!

It was good.  I liked it because of the thin crust and it's overloaded with cheese.

My friend ordered this.  I think it's pork belly of some sort.

Here's the tenderloin steak (less than 400 php).

It's served on a marble-like plating and there's something with flames underneath to keep it warm I guess.  You can opt to substitute your mashed potato with something else like rice as your side dish.

It's cooked perfectly the first time I tried it.  I loved the gravy too.

If you're with a small group, this is one restaurant I could recommend.  It's nice to hang out there and the food selection is great.  Yeah, a bit confusing, but still okay especially if you and your friends don't easily agree about which dish to get.

What do you think?

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