Kiss Me by Isehan Brow Mascara in Pink Brown

by - December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas again, world!  How did it go for you all?  I bet you got giddy over the presents you received.  Speaking of presents, did you also get one for yourself?

Anyhoo, before I start editing my makeup video (finally) let me talk about this brow mascara that I'm currently using first.  I also bought this in Osaka when I was shopping for pasalubong at Don Quijote shop.  I believe they were selling this at 50% off, so without hesitation, I threw it in my basket.

Mine is in the shade Pink Brown or #06.  It's in waterproof formula, which is common in almost all Kiss Me by Isehan products.

I instantly liked the color when I swatched it.  I also find the applicator to be in the perfect size because it suits the width of my brows well.

Close-up, you could tell that there's a hint of metallic-like finish.  There's no glitter whatsoever though.  I also don't want that in my brow mascara.

It creates dimension when applied and it makes the brows look fuller.

It's also really pigmented so you can use it alone to fill in your brows.  However, one problem is that, you won't get a precise shape if you don't do the outline first using a separate brow product.  Though I think for people on-the-go and for very quick application, it's still useful.

please ignore my ungroomed brows haha!

As you can see, it really does its job of coloring the brows and lightening the strands.  It also doesn't make the hair too stiff.

I think I got a perfect shade that complements my current hair color!

About its lasting power, I don't have anything negative to say because it stays on the entire day (ooh, that rhymed).

I always make sure to top my shaped and filled-in brows with this mascara to put the hairs in place and to make everything appear neat.

And that's what you should do to have a "kilay is life" moment.  Haha!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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