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by - December 03, 2016

It's been a while since I talked about samples so let's do one.  Right now!

Along with the bags of goodies I received from Nature Republic, they also threw in a few samples of some of their products.  I got tiny bottles and sachets of skincare and hair mask.

Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack

I've been giving my hair extra attention ever since it got murdered bleached.  I never skip a week without using hair masks like this one. 

I love how it moisturizes the hair and it smells so freaking good too!

Like any other hair treatment, you leave it on for about 2 to 3 minutes and then, rinse it off.

I think the full-sized version comes in a tub, exactly like that on the packaging.

Green Derma Mild Cream

At first, I thought this was a body or hand lotion so I hesitated a bit when I was about to put it on my face.  After doing a little Googlin', I found out that it's a multi-purpose cream so it can be used pretty much anywhere.

I'm not a fan of the scent and I also don't prefer applying thick creams like this one.

Collagen Dream Booster and Emulsion

After trying this duo and the snail duo, I'm now convinced that Nature Republic really has a lot of amazing skincare products to offer in the Korean beauty world.  I highly recommend both lines!

They said that the more collagen our skin has, the lesser the chance for wrinkles and fine lines.  It is one of the key players in skin elasticity that's why it's common with anti-aging products.  Some are even taking supplements in the form of a drink or capsules to boost the collagen production of the body.

The booster contains 90% marine collagen (hence, the numbers on the packaging), which helps the skin retain collagen while the emulsion has 70% and 1500 mg of acai berry extract, which is high in polyphenol - a great moisture-retaining agent.

I love both!  I like the smell and how it makes my skin hydrated and extra soft.

So that's all!  Next on this series is the bunch of samples I got from Bioessence.  Stay tuned!

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