Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Nightcap

by - January 27, 2017

Wet N Wild Megalast lippies ruled the drugstore makeup department some time ago.  People went crazy over the formula, great color payoff and color range.  I've tried a couple of their lipsticks from other lines but never a matte one.

Then, I saw a nice deal on Amazon.  They're selling a set for a special price so I thought I could finally know what's the deal with these lippies.

The other shades in the set are not right up my alley so I decided to sell them and just get my top pick.

And here it is.

Color & Finish

The shade is called Nightcap, a chocolate brown color.  The first time I wore this, I instantly thought of doing a 90's-inspired look.  Haha!  😏

It's from the brand's 2015 Fall Collection and it's not in the permanent line.

I would say that it's not completely matte, because when applied, there's still some shine.  

Even though it's really pigmented at first swipe, you can still add a second layer to get a more intense color.


As expected, I can't get a perfect application without the help of a lip brush.  It's easy to glide though because it's creamy.  It's just that, when I put my lips together to blend it, I would end up having a mess around my lips.  

teeth looking whiter too


I was actually expecting that it would feel drying on the lips, but it's not.  It's a matte lippie but it doesn't feel heavy.  

Lasting Power

Here's the downfall.  

I had high hopes that it would stay on my lips for 4 hours as claimed.  Yea, the color is there but I hate how it fades.  Like if I put on a full-lip, even without drinking or eating, the color on the middle part fades.  

It also transfers easily and doesn't leave a stain.  

I can't say though if it's also the same deal with the normal Megalast lippies - the permanent ones.

Nevertheless, I still like to rock this color and maybe next time, I'll try to blot it with a tissue first, then apply a second or third layer and see how it goes. 

Dupe Alert

Yep, I found a dupe from my collection!

If it's 100% matte, it would likely be an exact dupe.  Color-wise, Nightcap and Kae by Colourpop look the same.

I also put Matte in Detail Loth on the side but I realized it's more on the peachy brown side.

So there, expect more brown lippies (nude or vampy) here on le blog.  Haha!  😏

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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