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by - February 01, 2017

So last year, Biossence let me try their top-of-the-line facial treatment and introduced to me their premium skincare line called Oxygen Ceuticals.  Have you watched that vlog?  I also had my warts removed and quick update - I still don't see any new ones.  No marks as well!  Yay!  πŸŽ‰

Anyway, they do several types of skin treatments from the regular to the more extensive ones, but of course, they recommend what's the best for your skin type or skin concerns.  Click this link to know more about each treatment.

OC facials use an array of OC products and the main focus is to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin.  After the session, they gave me a bunch of samples and starting December, I was trying each of them.

Short Brand Intro

breathe life into your skin

Oxygen Ceuticals is a high-end brand that originated from Korea.  Their products all revolve around the use of oxygen in the formula and concentrate on aging, bringing back elasticity and improving the complexion.

Yes, I did try all of these samples except for the PP Cream, because it's a post procedure cream.  To be honest, my skin freaked out because I was using a different formula almost every other day.  I suffered from breakouts but I'm not entirely sure which of these is the biggest contributor.  

Also, all of the things I wrote on the photo are my first impressions and they're mainly based on the formula.  It's hard for me to see the difference if I only use a product once or twice, but I will still share my top picks before the end of this post. 😊

Hydrating Cream
Full-sized comes in a 50ml jar.
Thick yet non-sticky.
Contains Niacinamide, a vitamin B3 whitening ingredient.
Targets skin tone while hydrating the skin.
Contains camellia oil and Apricot seed oil.

Toning Gel
Full-sized comes in a 50/200/1000 ml tube.
Contains plant extracts.
Can be used to treat sunburn.
Suitable for all skin types.

Pore Mask
Full-sized comes in a 200/500 ml tube.
Gentle yet provides deep cleansing.
Suitable for all skin types.

TP Sun Cream
Full-sized comes in 50ml tube.
Not overly greasy but still shiny.
Has SPF 45.
Contains hyaluronic acid.

Cell Couperous Cream
Full-sized comes in 50/200 ml tube.
Best for sensitive skin.
Targets redness.
Contains ceramide and oligopeptide for hydration and elasticity.
Contains natural extracts from carrot, brown rice, turnip, brocolli, cabbage, celery and tomato (ooh, who wants salad? 😜).

Intensive BB Cream
Full-sized comes in 50ml tube.
Has slightly dewy finish.
Best for sensitive and dry skin.

Oxygen HA Gel
Full-sized comes in 50/500 ml jar.
Claims to keep skin moisturized for 36 hours.
Contains 10% hyaluronic acid.
Brightens the skin.
Best for dry skin.

Anti Oxidant Cream
Full-sized comes in 50/250 ml jar.
Promotes collagen production.
Best for more matured and dry skin.

Caviar Protein Fluid
Full-sized comes in 50ml bottle.
Contains black caviar extract (and actual caviar) which is rich in amino acid and omega 3.
Helps with skin's elasticity.
To be used as a serum.

Skin Barrier Fluid
Full-sized comes in 50ml bottle.
Improves elasticity of skin barrier.
Improves collagen production.
Suitable for wrinkle-prone skin.

Acell-300 Fluid
Full-sized comes in 50ml bottle.
Suitable for dry skin.
Repairs damaged skin.
Regulates skin's natural moisture.

Most of the products felt like a normal moisturizer, so it's hard to distinguish each of them.  Haha!  Anyhoo, my favorites are the non-cream ones.

Toning Gel - I'm not into harsh toners so I enjoyed this one.  It actually felt weird not applying my toner using a cotton pad.  Haha!  After it's absorbed, my skin felt really refreshed.  

The two green fluids - They look and feel like oil, so I was a bit worried that my oily skin would hate them.  I ended up loving both though because my skin became really supple.  Plus, they didn't worsen the greasiness.  Haha!  πŸ˜„

So that's all!  I couldn't believe I was able to test everything.  I don't wanna do it again though because now I know that my skin would likely freak out.  It's best if I don't use multiple new products very frequently.

You can get Oxygen Ceuticals at any Bioessence branch.  Here's the link to their website.

What do you think?

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