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by - March 19, 2017

I deserve a glass of wine or a bottle of beer because I'm almost done with today's to-do list. #feelingproductive🍷

I finished a new makeup video so do watch out for it.  I will also try my best to publish another post despite of a hectic week ahead and film a lip swatch video before the month ends (okaaaay, I got this).

So yesterday before doing my makeup, I realized that there are a few new brushes that I haven't talked about yet.  Well, two of them, you have probably seen in my haul video but I thought it would be better if I just feature all 3 of them in one post.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

If you really wanna nail that contour, you gotta have the right brush.  Before, I was only using RT Buffing Brush but it didn't give a precised application.  Not that I wanted chiseled cheeks all the time, it's just better to use an angled brush rather than a round one.  The Contour Brush from Core Collection also works great but I find myself reaching for a larger one to really blend everything nicely.

The shape is perfect when blending my contour powder from the ear part down to the cheeks.  The brush is very soft and it can pick up product well.

It can also be used to blend and set concealer on the under eye area because the shape/size is perfect and it's fluffy enough, just like any other buffing brush.

I love using it to shade my nose bridge too because it instantly gets rid of harsh lines.

It can also be used to apply blush or dust powder all over the face.

I got mine from Real Techniques website but you can also buy RT tools in SM Department Store.

The next two brushes are from local brands that I discovered on BeautyMNL.

The A-List Concealer Buffer Brush (150 php)

Even though it's named as a concealer brush, I still see it as an all-around buffer brush.  It's definitely one of my favorites currently.

First of all, it's soft, fluffy and can buff out any liquid or cream product.  

I also use RT Contour Brush especially when I'm in a hurry coz it does the job faster.  However, I realized that using a smaller blending brush like this can maximize the tiny amount of concealer you put on your under eyes.  Besides, we don't want to waste makeup, do we?

Spot-concealing also becomes a piece of cake with this brush.  

Like I said, this baby doesn't stop at blending concealer.  I love using it to apply a wash of color on my eyelids or pretty much, applying any eyeshadow.  Not only that, if I want a more defined nose line and to set the under eyes, I can surely rely on this brush.  You can even apply highlighter with this one and the list goes on.

The price of A-List brushes ranges between 150 to 220 php.  

Pro Beauty Exclusives Powder Fan Brush (240 php)

If you need a wider range of selection when it comes to makeup tools, then opt for this brand.  They offer more than just brushes including lashes and other stuff needed by the pros.

A fan brush for me is not a must-have but it can totally help you with highlighting and baking.  There are a couple of brushes you can substitute this with like you know, any small to medium-sized buffing brush.  So if you want to spend money on something else, you can definitely do so.

What I like about this brush though is that, it makes highlighting more satisfying.  Haha!  Isn't it weird?  ğŸ˜‰  

The size is perfect because I can really work on making my cheekbones pop and it doesn't scatter the highlighter all over the place.

So here's an everyday look I created using these brushes (with the help of few other ones, of course).  ğŸ˜ƒ

All 3 of them are in good quality.  No shedding so far and the ferrule is nicely secured.  

Maybe next time I'd get at least one of those spoon-looking brushes and I think I also need a larger eyeshadow blending brush.  Any suggestion?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. try the Morphe M433 for blending es, it's not exactly a dupe for MAC 217 but shape and function is almost the same, just a bit larger.

    1. Hello! I checked Morphe M433, size seems perfect for blending eyeshadow. Thanks! <3


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